“Make AD PL the leading multi-brand operator in France”

DA PL: What were the challenges of 2021?

Guillaume Faurès : I am pleased to announce that we are at the end of the transformation plan for the distribution network. The latter has, in addition to a national platform, thirteen regional platforms. The most recent are located in Rennes and Angoulême. Finally, the youngest will open its doors by the end of the year or early 2022.

DAPL: What are the different platform models?

GF : Each platform has a small stock of eight to twelve thousand VI references available in H + 4, supplemented by the Bremstar logistics platform. The latter will include 25,000 references in 2022 and 28,000 within two to three years at the national level. In addition, with thecompletion of the network transformation plan, we have industrialized our logistics. Customers can now be delivered twice a day, thanks to the regional logistics channel via local stores, but also restock nationally. We will continue to enrich AD PL’s stock and references, which can also be based on the 80,000 light vehicles, or even on Cora for the bodywork, etc. It is also in line with the spirit of Autodistribution: to benefit from synergies between the various activities of the group with a global proposal.
In addition, we have done a lot of communication work with our employees and our customers, whose initial feedback is positive.

DAPL: What does this transformation plan for the distribution network consist of?

GF: The goal was toindustrialize distribution, with the aim of winning customers as well as market share. Sales force teams are present in the field and dedicated to transporters. The objective is also to meet the challenges of our customers in order to avoid the costly immobilization of their vehicles, an operating loss, or even penalties. In addition, thanks to our purchasing center, we can position ourselves in terms of price.

DAPL: What about services?

GF: We are in a market whose product types are varied and come under different skills. The idea is thus to back up the platforms to the call centers which play the role of experts. The goal is to help research, find and then route the right part in H + 4, our promise.

DAPL: Does this plan include a digital component?

GF: Of course, in 2021 we cannot do without digital. Truckissimo, the first web platform for real-time orders of parts for repair and maintenance of all brands launched two years ago, will have the right to its new version in 2022. A version user friendly with the aim of becoming a kind of booking identification of the PL part. We were present at Solutrans to present the teasing to our customers.

DAPL: What are the news regarding the garage network?

GF: Between our own workshops and our partner garages, we now have 220 service points. Second network after Renault Trucks, we have a target of 230 or even 240 next year, giving priority to network quality to the number. We are also pursuing our one stop shop strategy, which began three years ago.

DAPL: Recently, you mentioned a shortage of employees. Is it still relevant ?

GF: Recruitment continues to be a big issue for the entire mobility sector. We are suffering despite all the promotion we can do at the schools and CFA level, and other actions. We are also working on training plans with partners, whose catalog follows technical developments in products, the arrival of new energies and new technologies. In addition, manufacturer networks are preferred, despite a good brand image and a certain notoriety.
At the moment there is a missing around one hundred technicians in our centers.

DAPL: And how do you see the future?

GF: Market VI is worth nearly five billion euros, which is split into 73% in favor of manufacturers and 27% in favor of networks. In these 27%, the AD PL network represents 25%. So our main objective is to continue to take market share, and so to become the leading multi-brand heavy goods vehicle operator in France.

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“Make AD PL the leading multi-brand operator in France”