Malik Monk has installed himself as the third wheel of the Lakers carriage: we talked about a Big Three, so we’re right anyway?

Huge blaster off the bench when he is not a starter with the Lakers, Malik Monk is enjoying this season. So we did a little math, and know that for the price of a year 2021-22 of Russell Westbrook you can afford 26 Malik Monk. Worth the M&M’s right?

The sample of Malik Monk’s four years at the Hornets gave an idea of ​​the boy’s offensive talent. He was thus one of those walking firecrackers in the back line of the Hornets with Terry Rozier or Devonte ‘Graham, capable of becoming completely incandescent. But to think that at only 23 years old he could be the third offensive option for LeBron’s Lakers on some nights there was still a huge gap. His playing time quickly rose from around twenty minutes at the start of the season to around thirty since then and he has proven to be an essential element of the Lakers’ rotation. Since the beginning of the calendar year? He is even a starter almost every night and for the moment he does not disappoint with his production. The last game of the Lakers, where the guard scored 29 points in a big victory against the Knicks, testifies for example to its importance. He’s that third offensive threat LeBron James and Anthony Davis needed on the nights Russ West isn’t. (that is to say often), and he is above all the one who allowed the Lakers to still win a few games despite the absences of AD and the King. His teammates and his coaches are aware of his importance, as evidenced by the words that the handyman of the Lakers had in his regard.

“After the game, David Fizdale spoke about how much faith and trust LeBron had in Malik Monk and later, unprompted, LeBron said this about Monk: ‘Malik, throughout his 40 minutes, wasn’t than a threat every second he was on the floor'”

His statistical line on the season symbolizes in any case the words of the King. With his 13 points, 3 rebounds and 2.5 assists on average at 47% shooting including 41% from the parking lot, Malik has become a reliable threat. His outside address opens the penetration lines for LBJ and leaves space in the key for AD now that he is back, but the guard is also able to relieve on creation. He knows how to find the shot or go to the circle on his own like a grown-up, and his mentality is also irreproachable. The boy came to the Lakers for a pittance (we’re talking about a 1.7 million season) and, at 23, the age when you still want to capitalize in the NBA, he recently explained that he wanted above all to progress and learn from great players. MM bet on himself in hopes of getting a better contract at the end of the year and he is now showing that he was right. In the great California mess? Finally, let’s argue that a stable, reliable guy on the field who costs three cents is obviously precious, so that all is not so bad in Los Angeles.

We wouldn’t have bet our PEL on it, but Malik Monk is a real soldier this season alongside LeBron. It even seems that he takes his example from Nick Young, we can clearly see Gérard in him. If he really wants to look like one or the other, he still lacks a delirious dose of madness and a good number of Shaqtin’ A Fool appearances, but when it comes to qualities on the pitch, Malik definitely ticks all the boxes. .

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Malik Monk has installed himself as the third wheel of the Lakers carriage: we talked about a Big Three, so we’re right anyway?