Married at first sight: this luxury dream stay of a leading couple creates controversy

Married at first sight has been thrilling viewers for quite some time now. Indeed, it is currently the sixth season which is broadcast on our television screens. But the passions of Internet users are not only unleashed to comment on the new episodes of the M6 ​​program. They can also lash out about the activities of former show contestants. Precisely, they are Laure and Matthieu, emblematic couple of season 5 of Married at first sight which caused a lot of ink to flow on social networks. On a trip to Crete, in a heavenly setting, they had to face the backlash of their publications. Objeko tells you all about this controversy that swells on the Web!

This star couple of Married at first sight controversial on the web…

If one of the candidate couples of Married at first sight is not supposed to make waves, it is indeed that of Laure and Matthieu. Indeed, their couple is resplendent with love. And their personal story can not leave anyone indifferent. Because, how not to melt when learning that shortly after their marriage, fate decided to offer them the chance to become parents? When they look back on their experience on the M6 ​​show, it seems that they themselves can’t believe how lucky they were. So how not to put them back in the spotlight when it was time to launch the 6th season of Married to the first glance ?

On May 19, they gave an interview for M6, broadcast on the Instagram account of Married at first sight. And as always, their testimonials could only remind fans of the show that love does exist and is within reach for future contestants.

Decidedly, few are those who could have criticism to make to lovers. Indeed, the public of Married at first sight is very emotionally involved in the M6 ​​show. From then on, they can react on the Web to the slightest reactions of the candidates. In the positive as in the negative, Objeko will not teach you that Internet users can sometimes be over the top. But concerning Laure and Matthieu, it is very rarely criticism that they therefore had to wipe. And yet, even though they are no longer candidates for Married at first sightthey find themselves in spite of themselves at the heart of a controversy.

A luxury vacation that the couple will pay more than expected…

The lovebirds treated themselves to a holiday in Crete recently. And as always, they did not fail, especially Laure, to share some memories with their subscribers. But we have to believe that all the fans of this couple of former candidates from Married to the first glance didn’t appreciate lovers’ posts in the same way. If some Internet users were delighted to see them in a heavenly setting to finally enjoy a stay alone, others were jealous of their getaway. Because, it must be admitted, holidays in this kind of hotel must be very expensive!

However, Laure and Matthieu had not taken into account the price of online reviews in the total bill. They therefore find themselves paying a higher bill than they had imagined. So that readers ofObjeko can get an idea of ​​the idyllic setting of the holidays of the former candidates of Married at first sighthere are the photos shared on Laure’s Instagram account and relayed by our colleagues from the magazine Audience. Images that some Internet users recognize and estimate the lovers’ stay at more than 3,700 euros!


Laure was therefore forced to speak on social networks. Faced with the growing controversy, she decided to clarify that she and her husband had not spent such a sum for this little corner of paradise. She concedes to Internet users that it is indeed a luxury hotel. But she adds that the prices vary according to the periods and the availability of the establishment. “I found this hotel on Booking, we are a long way from the prices that some tell me… It’s a luxury hotel, we agree, but don’t get carried away either! As everywhere, prices vary according to the period and availability. »she said, as reported by our colleagues at Audience. Equal to herself, Laure manages to ratify the debates without throwing oil on the fire. A talent that unfortunately not all the candidates of Married at first sight.

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Married at first sight: this luxury dream stay of a leading couple creates controversy