Marvin Bagley III continues with Detroit: 37 million, the price of freedom

Arrived in the middle of the season with the Pistons, Marvin Bagley III finally seems to have found a place that suits him and the basketball he has been playing since the end of winter tends strongly in this direction. Since good news never comes alone, Detroit has decided to give back its own coin by extending it for 37 million over three years.

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For an NBA player, being drafted very high is certainly an immense honor, the recognition of the basketball planet for a talent. It can also be a source of significant pressure. Add to that the fact of being drafted in front of two boys named Luka Doncic and Trae Young… and you get a good cocktail that makes you think well as soon as the critics start to fall after a bad game. For Marvin Bagley III, it was undoubtedly sometimes very difficult to suffer comparisons to the two little geniuses mentioned above. The result ? A passage in Sacramento correct but not especially up to the intrinsic talent of the man. The injuries didn’t help either, and the result was a divorce last winter. Exit the pleasant and peaceful climate of California for the continental cold of Michigan. The price to pay to witness a (re)birth? Yes of course. Invigorated in the jersey of the Pistons, Bagley surprises all his detractors and even his supporters. 14.6 points, 6.8 rebounds and 1.1 assists in 18 games played, it is clear that the song is of a much purer melody than the one we used to hear in Sac-Town .

So much so that the management of the Pistons thought that it could be very good to extend Marvin to see what he had in the belly over time. With talents like Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey and Killian Hayes to send the ball to him at the low post, this brave Bag ‘is going to be in for a treat. It now remains to work on the mid-distance shots, continue to progress defensively and perfect the footwork. Yes, that’s still a lot of things, but with the assurance of being able to come to training in the morning with the confidence of the organization… it immediately makes you want to give it to yourself. On the franchise side, the coup also seems successful. By securing a position 4 of this caliber and for this price, Detroit ensures first of all to have a guy to do the job no matter what, and on the other hand why not make a good bet by relaunching a player who clearly lacks confidence. In any case, we will be there to keep an eye on Marvin, and of course we wish him success.

There you go, Detroit has a nice post 4 which must now confirm that the expectations placed on it have not been unnecessarily. To do this ? Continue to work in the same line as today, and keep the state of mind that was that of this season: that of a fighter who knows that he is a pure basketball player.

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Marvin Bagley III continues with Detroit: 37 million, the price of freedom