Meeting with Olympe4000, DJ and committed producer with unstoppable passion

A first set broadcast after being created his account on SoundCloud, linked in an email, then sent to a large number of bars in Paris. ” I didn’t know anyone in the electronic music world, and I don’t come from that background at all, so I had to record a little mix on SoundCloud and I clearly canvassed all the bars in Paris. I was particularly determined at the time. It was while doing these first dates that Olympe met her female DJ pairs: I was very surprised by the sorority present between the girls. I was afraid of the competition, of the comparison that we could impose on ourselves, and there not at all. This is where you see that we evolve between women, today we really stick together “. Touched by the lack of visibility of the female sex on the electronic scene, she will organize in full confinement her own electronic music festival to fight against menstrual precariousness. the Sisters Festival will thus parade more than forty women from all over the world on the airwaves of web radio scandal.

Inspired by her first raves on the outskirts of Paris then by her evenings at the Rex, at La Machine du Moulin Rouge or even at the Zigzag or at the Showcase, these are angry techno pieces, with heavy BPM that we could hear in her first sets. : Recondite, DVS1 or the artists of the Innervision label. But today, his selection has grown significantly. ” I wouldn’t really be able to say what style I’m mixing or what I’m going to play the same day, it can go all over the place and I can change my mind at the last moment. I really do a lot of different stuff, my mixes are very eclectic. It can range from UK, bass, techno, house, trance, jungle, juke or even eurodance if I feel like it. » A wide and eclectic palette, no doubt relieved by the many trips the artist has been able to make: Hyderabad in India, Barcelona, ​​New York, or even Kinshasa where she even launched the thundering evenings Makinteufs… Olympe4000 is more the type to read the crowd, do tests, see what takes while doing things in its image. To please the public always, without ever conditioning oneself. An unstoppable energy that we can particularly appreciate this Friday, April 29 in Badaboum, in the 11th district of Paris, where the DJ is given a large carte blanche. For this premiere, she invites one of the fathers of ghetto-techno, DJ Assault, as well as her own musical father, Aurèle.

Olympe4000 is taking advantage of this 3-date residency in particular to take charge of the programming and invite the artists it likes and to whom it wants to offer more visibility, but not only. We also feel an important position taken in the artistic direction, with the universe of the evening imagined alongside a graphic designer from the amann-studio. An evening where sweat and perspiration are omnipresent. Like a liberation of moving bodies and minds. ” A residence is everything for me, it’s not just the line up. You have the graphics, the music, the atmosphere, the message you want to convey behind… Electronic music is political and must remain political, non-conformist, dissident and challenge the dominant values ​​within a society “, she says. The purpose of this evening is also to set up a safe, serene and responsible party with trained, accessible and aware teams of potential attacks. As well as referent people who will be present in the event of the slightest problem. ” It’s painstaking work, but I really want people to get informed, to learn about these issues and for the party to change. »

While waiting for the next dates of her residency, in September and then in January 2023, we can now listen to the artist’s talents as a producer, since Olympe4000 has recently started composing. A new cap, which suits her well, and through which she continues to nourish her love for music. On April 22, one of his new tracks was released on the Maison Close label, “We Never Work” in feat with Aasi, and a new EP is currently in preparation… You have been warned, Olympe4000 is not to be lost sight of.

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Meeting with Olympe4000, DJ and committed producer with unstoppable passion