NBA 2K22 MyTeam: A generous season 6!

The season 6 of MyTeam animates the daily lives of these players and is almost coming to an end. While it had puzzled a large number of fashion lovers, it ultimately turns out to be very successful and could undoubtedly be seen as the best since the appearance of the seasons in NBA 2K. We explain why.

The amazing choice Josh Giddey

The announcement of this season 6 surprised by its content. The ultimate reward, level 40, is a 99 card from Josh Giddey, the rookie of the disappointing Thunder, one of the worst teams in the league this year, despite the good will of its promising youngsters. Giddey is one of them, he who became the youngest player in history to achieve a triple-double (performance which he reproduced before being injured). However, Giddey level 40 disappointed many when he was announced. The reason is simple, the ultimate rewards generally concern great players, past icons, confirmed current talents. If 2K saves the best for packages, we had always had high-sounding names. Curry, Admiral, Griffin or Ray Allen. There, it is a rookie, and not necessarily the one who is perceived as the best. Giddey even finished in the cabbage for the rookie of the year award, far behind Scottie Barnes, the winner, Evan Mobley, Cade Cunningham, Franz Wagner and others. But there are nevertheless elements that could explain this choice: Giddey had only had an Amethyst card and especially his team not going to the playoffs, he would not have had the opportunity to have one during a season highlighting the final phase of the NBA precisely, unlike Barnes or Mobley, still in contention when the release of Zero Gravity. Giddey also has a profile that may appeal to the player: he is a tall leader, big scorer, good dunker and player who still scored in the regular season for his performances.

Anyway, we can imagine that the other star rookies of the season will have very big Dark Matter cards so no scandal. The rest of the players rewarded in leveling up were not folichon, like Luis Scola, Argentinian legend but little appreciated by MT players, being really too slow (despite a good shoot). We could have imagined a rookie theme with rewards for new faces in the league, especially those who are not going to the playoffs like Austin Reaves of the Lakers or Jalen Green of the Rockets. We still had German Sonics Detlef Schrempf, a nice player and card.

Playoffs challenges and cards

The zero gravity season makes a logical focus on the playoffs, and he does it well! We may regret the absence of Moments of the Month challenges, in particular to nab players excluded from the playoffs, but they have been replaced by daily challenges linked to the different phases of the competition. Frankly not boring challenges ensuring very nice rewards! After the first round, we therefore had 8 cards offered, including 5 Dark Matter. Among them, two were really meta, Marcus Smart (elected defender of the year) and especially Mikal Bridges, a very welcome free Kawhi Leonard. For the others, it is very cool to have them in your collection, because they are good players who make the show in the NBA like Jalen Brunson of the Mavs or the Warriors phenomenon Jordan Poole. Note that 4 cards were also offered at the end of the play-in, including Bruce Brown from the Nets or Herbert Jones from the Pels. Something to link MT even more to the everyday NBA. Challenges and maps are planned until a franchise lifts the final trophy. An excellent thing!

The 8 cards First round of the playoffs

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The agenda that feels good

It’s not just with the playoffs that MT has been generous with the players this season. 2K has set up an agenda with 2 challenges per map, one to unlock the next map, another to grab XP. It’s a kind of Advent calendar that they should keep in fashion so much it’s nice. We started with Gold cards until the ultimate gift, a Dark Matter. In the lot, we recovered very easily excellent cards for the Budget Team but also very viable cards at the meta level, like Robert Covington’s card 93, really cracked.

TakeOff cards or Dark Matter cards at a low price

Tuesday cards are new this season. Rather than having 4-5 lambda cards which are of little interest, 2K releases TakeOff cards, a diamond, a pink diamond, an opal and a dark matter. The package is not cheap (50k MT for example) but you have as much chance to have the diamond as the dark matter. Nice. Where we can spread our satisfaction is that some are really excellent. Draymond Green 99 or Jayson Tatum 99 are some of the best cards, which is rare for a Tuesday series, Derrick Rose 99 is far from ridiculous…and they cost less than the other 99 cards! This is the icing on the cake.

The start of the endgame and the first Invincible cards

This season logically marks what players call “endgame”. No connection with Thanos. This is the end of MT which is slowly approaching with powerful cards that are fundamentally changing the meta. In other years, it was completely wacky, cracked Out of Positions cards that sent giants to point guard and so on. As we explained in a previous article, 2K didn’t destroy everything with the first series of Out of Positions cards, nor with the following Glitch cards even if Ben Simmons 99 leader is in the game. He didn’t manage to dislodge MJ or Doncic among the indisputable 1 positions for example, and that’s a good thing.
Another sign of the endgame, the arrival of Invincible cards. From a personal point of view, shared by many, this series of cards, which appeared in 2K21, is the most beautiful in the game. The look is very neat, with the classiest font, a photo of the player in game on the first plan, its portrait in the background and a unique color for each. Next to the aesthetics, they mainly provide stats level with 99 almost everywhere. It was Nowitzki who had the right to the premiere of this 2K22, without upsetting the meta. The second has done quite the opposite: at the time of writing, the Shaq Invincible is the best in the game. A real Breton mover capable of carrying the truck at arm’s length. The Invincibles (which only feature the greatest players in NBA history) will be raining down in the coming weeks, making the ever-growing 99 classics much more affordable on the auction market. Let’s hope for new faces among the Invincibles, absentees on 2K21: Sam Jones, who died on December 30, 2021, Devin Booker for his superb season, or Jermaine O’Neal, too often underestimated because of the terrible fight in Auburn Hills that we told you about in the past.

Dennis Rodman offered for Easter

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The best cards of the moment

Let’s finish with a point on the best current cards on the game. As for the leaders, we have already said it: Michael Jordan Out of Position is the absolute must have, assisted by Luka Doncic Power Within. D’Angelo Russell is an excellent, very inexpensive choice. In position 2, another Russell stands out, the lesser known Cazzie, who has a cracked 98 card. Zach LaVine Zero Gravity is a very good option as is Julius Erving TakeOff (these TakeOff cards are definitely really good). In station 3, jump on the very complete Tatum or on Draymond Green, as well as on the Glitch of Larry Bird which surprises. The Limited and very rare Carmelo Anthony is a fabulous card, certainly the best at this position but it costs an arm and a leg (not as much as MJ who sometimes goes for more than 10 million MT…). Same observation for Kevin Durant’s 99. In post 4, Blake Griffin Zero Gravity is brilliant, Jermaine O’Neal is hot on his heels, the Draymond Green cited in post 3 is also top as a strong winger, and less expensive, Thon Maker, Danny Ferry or Jonathan Isaac. Let’s finish with the pivots: Shaq of course, but also Dino Radja TakeOff, David Robinson 98, and even Jack Sikma who doesn’t cost much. These are good ways to break the house.

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NBA 2K22 MyTeam: A generous season 6!