NBA – A Buck talks cash about his future reunion with Booker in Team USA

A few hours before Game 6 of the Finals, the Bucks hope to end the series this Tuesday, and lift the Larry O’Brien trophy. Two of them, however, quickly found Devin Booker in the ranks of Team USA for the Olympics. A contrast that prompted one of them to make a blunt statement.

If the Suns manage to tame Milwaukee within a few hours, the NBA Finals will be entitled to a Game 7 for the first time since 2016. This would obviously not do the business of the Bucks, who in turn hope to put an end to hostilities on their parquet. However, two of them may particularly regret such an extension of the series. Paradoxically, a Phoenix player would then also find himself in this position.

Whether it is Khris Middelton, Jrue Holiday or Devin Booker, all will indeed have to take the plane quickly to reach Tokyo, where the Team USA roster will be waiting for them. The debut of the American selection at the Olympic Games, against France, will take place only two days after this potential Game 7, that is to say on Sunday 25. And taking into account the massacre that Gregg Popovich deplores, their arrival will not be too much.

However, this reunion between opponents can cause concern. Indeed, despite a rather muffled atmosphere, some live sequences have been able to mark the series so far. Therefore, the fact of becoming teammates almost overnight may not be easy for these three players. Middleton nevertheless tried to reassure fans at a press conference, in comments reported by Mark Medina of USA Today Sports.

As I speak to you, we still haven’t said a word. But I think it’s going to be okay. I am convinced that we will not be the best friends in the world under the colors of Team USA, but we will be teammates, that’s for sure. We will have the same objective, we will talk about tactics and basketball, and we will do everything to get the job done.

Despite a competitive spirit obviously very present, the 29-year-old winger says he will know how to put things in perspective, and that he will not remain cold with D-Book once gathered under the same colors. The latter has also spoken on the subject in recent hours, with an equally mature and reassuring speech for the US public.

It is never personal between opponents, except when the limits are exceeded. These guys are not the type to do that, and I will never do that with them either, because we respect each other greatly. I think that’s why we are in the current situation. Representing your country is completely different than competing in the NBA Finals, but I always respect someone who plays at the highest level.

Opponents for two weeks now, Khris Middleton, Jrue Holiday and Devin Booker claim to be able to quickly put aside their differences, to help each other with Team USA. Good news for Coach Pop ‘.

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NBA – A Buck talks cash about his future reunion with Booker in Team USA