NBA/HS – A coach suspended for having won too much!

In sport, what is more in an environment competitive, the objective is to win, to score more points than your opponent. But apparently earning too much can also be detrimental to a career. The proof, a trainer was suspended for too large a victory at the High School level.

In the NBA, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were adored and put forward for their conquering state of mind. Indeed, whatever the context, whether in match or in training, the two legends categorically refused to lose. Moreover, the number 8/24 of the Lakers even named this approach to sport the “Mamba Mentality”, and many followers today roam the NBA floors like Devin Booker or Kyrie Irving…

But obviously, not all contexts are conducive to the establishment of the famous Mamba Mentality. Indeed, at the High School level, the main objective is not necessarily to win at all costs and fill the trophy cabinet. The most important thing is to teach moral values ​​to the players, which all can carry with them in their future life. Solidarity, mutual aid, surpassing oneself or accepting authority are all major concepts that count more than the bulletin board.

Victory of 88 points and immediate suspension for a coach

This is why, unlike the professional leagues or even the NCAA Tour, winning by a huge margin can be frowned upon. Indeed, destroying a much weaker team could give players and students the impression that it is normal to go after the most in difficulty… This is what explains why a coach was suspended by his school after a victory far too large for the taste of the adversaries.

In Connecticut, the land of women’s basketball, the Sacred Heart Academy coach led his team to a 92-4 victory, but rather than being rewarded for teaching his players, he was suspended for two meetings for a lack of respect and fair play towards the opposing high school. The director of the establishment had even publicly apologized:

Sacred Heart Academy values ​​values ​​learned through athletic competition, including ethical and responsible behavior, leadership, strength of character, and respect for opponents. Our whole teaching team regrets and feels remorse for how our women’s team won their last game.

For the director, therefore, winning by 88 points in a match between high school girls is neither ethical nor a proof of respect. And that’s probably the biggest difference with the professional mentality. Indeed, the greatest sign of respect in the big leagues is to play hard until the last minute, even if it means driving an even bigger gap.

Indeed, the poor adversaries of the Sacred Heart Academy had to have a bad encounter and had to go home disappointed. But that’s also sport, learning to manage chess, learn to get up… Not sure that this suspension

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NBA/HS – A coach suspended for having won too much!