NBA Paris – €550 to be won if Luka Doncic puts on his magic cape in Game 7!

It’s a 5-star Sunday evening that awaits us on the NBA planet with two Game 7s on the program. In short: an unmissable evening! On the one hand, Giannis Antetokounmpo and his family will go to a boiling TD Garden, while the Suns will host the Mavs after losing Game 6 in Texas. On this occasion, we offer you 3 bets to try at our partner Unibet… with up to €550 to be won!

The defending champion falls at TD Garden?

The Bucks and Celtics have gone blow for blow in this series, but tonight, only one big name will be able to advance to the conference finals. Without Khris Middleton and in a rebuilt TD Garden, Giannis will certainly have to put out a big performance if he wants to continue dreaming of a back-to-back. Defensively, Boston limits Milwaukee to 100 points on the series, 15 less than in the regular season. Everything seems to tip into the balance for JT and his band, but be careful never, oh never underestimate a defending champion. Another criterion to take into account and not the least: the match will take place at 15:30 local time, an unusual time for these two teams.

Suns wake up in Game 7?

Phoenix, unrecognizable in games 5 and 6, will have to wake up at all costs in this decisive match… After leading 2-0 in the series, Luka Doncic and his Mavs were able to take advantage of the weaknesses of Monty Williams’ men to sow doubt in the opposing mind. Chris Paul also remains on three consecutive Game 7s lost, and Devin Booker will play his first career Game 7. On the other side, Luka has already experienced this great meeting last year against the Clippers: 46 points – 14 assists – 7 rebounds. Apart from Tim Hardaway Jr. and Dario Saric, who have already been absent for some time, there are no injuries to report on either side.

Bet 1️⃣ : We take no risks”

Milwaukee does not lose or loses by 11 points or less.

With the absence of Middleton, the Bucks are amputated from a key element for this Game 7. In addition, it is recorded that in this type of match, playing at home is a significant advantage. As a result, the balance leans a little more for Boston but watch out for Giannis and the experience of the defending champion. That said, no risk taking for this bet with a double chance.

📈 Odds at Unibet: 1.28*
💸 Possible gain (for 150€): 128€
// Bet without risk: €150 refunded if your bet loses

Bet 2️⃣ : “ Come on, try itYOLO »

Devin Booker or Chris Paul scores 30 or more points (overtime included).

Averaging 25.5 points on the series to 44.4% from 3 points, no doubt Book will want to put out a big performance to take Phoenix to the next round. Double chance all the same, CP3 could also have more than one trick up their sleeve, and will be keen to redeem themselves after their last complicated matches.

📈 Odds at Unibet: 1.94*
💸 Possible gain (for €150): €194
// Bet without risk: €150 refunded if your bet loses

Bet 3️⃣ : “ It’s hot, but damn if it passes! »

Luka Doncic puts in a points + rebounds + assists performance of 55 or more, and his team wins.

We know Luka for his repeated heat strokes. He has the opportunity to strike a blow tonight against the best team in the league in the regular season. Even if the dynamic is good on the Texans side, they will be dealing with a Phoenix team with a completely different face. The former Real Madrid will therefore have to achieve a complete performance. On the series, the Slovenian is averaging 32 points, 10 rebounds and 7.5 assists. If there is a jackpot, it will be signed Luka Doncic.

📈 Odds at Unibet: 5.50*
💸 Possible gain (for 150€): 550€
// Bet without risk: €150 refunded if your bet loses

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* All odds were taken on Sunday, May 15 at 12:30 p.m. They may vary in real time as long as your bet is not deposited.

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NBA Paris – €550 to be won if Luka Doncic puts on his magic cape in Game 7!