Oldest hotels in Africa: an Algerian hotel in the top 5

Hotels play a vital role in the economy. In addition to generating employment, paying taxes and contributing to the GDP, hotels energize business activities. They accommodate businessmen and serve as meeting places for business-related events (seminars, symposiums, conferences, etc.).

With this in mind, we will focus in this article on the five oldest hotels in Africa, some of which have been welcoming their guests for more than 200 years. And surprise, a Algerian hotel is on the list!

Source : Business Insider Africa

1. Houw Hoek Hotel, South Africa

The Houw Hoek Hotel is located in the heart of the Kogelberg Nature Reserve, 80 kilometers from the South African capital, Cape Town. The palace exists since 1779. According to information available on its website, guests can choose from 81 luxurious en-suite rooms.

The price of the night at the Houw Hoek Hotel, according to the reservation site booking.com, is $100 “only” (about 14,000 Algerian dinars).

2. Hotel Continental, Morocco

Located in Tangier, a Moroccan port on the Strait of Gibraltar, the Continental Hotel was founded in 1870. Picturesque views of yesteryear architecture and sprawling palm trees are among the property’s selling points. In addition, guests can enjoy free wifi and breakfast.

Rates per room start at $48 (about 7,000 Algerian dinars), according to Booking.com.

3. Marriott Mena House, Egypt

Founded in 1886 and located in Cairo, the Marriot Mena House is a 5-star hotel. Like the Continental, this former Egyptian hotel offers guests a colorful North African vibe, with magnificent palm trees towering in its courtyards and dazzling azure skies. Marriot Mena House features an outdoor pool, restaurant, and fitness center, among other amenities.

To take advantage of all this luxury, the customer will have to pay, if we refer to the booking.com site, $282 per night (about 40,000 Algerian dinars).

4. Hotel El Djazair (formerly Saint George)Algeria

The 4and oldest hotel in Africa is none other than the El Djazair hotel (formerly Saint George) in Algiers. This historic establishment was built in 1889and its architecture is inspired by the Victorian style.

On the hotel official website, we can read the following presentation: “Built on a former Arab-Ottoman palace and surrounded by a lush botanical garden, the hotel aims to be one of the jewels of the national cultural heritage. Staying at the Saint George Hotel means reliving the splendor of an era while enjoying contemporary luxury. From its opening, the hotel was the favorite address of the English bourgeoisie, attracted by the mild winters of Algiers. The hotel was named after the British patron saint, Saint George. The hotel has known prestigious clients such as Edith Piaf, Simone de Beauvoir, General Dwight Eisenhower, General Mark Wayne Clark, Winston Churchill. »

The property offers its guests several secondary attractions, including: massages, body treatments, an outdoor tennis court, a nightclub, a sauna, and free wireless Internet access.

The cost of a night in the luxurious rooms of the Hotel El Djazaïr, according to hotels.com, is around $174 (about 25,000 Algerian dinars).

5. Grand Holiday Villa Hotel, Sudan

The Grand Holiday Villa hotel opened its doors in 1890. It is located in the capital Khartoum. In addition to accommodation, the establishment offers various services, such as a gym, sauna, meeting rooms, business center, hairdresser, etc.

The Grand Holiday Villa has various room categories with different rates. There are single rooms, deluxe rooms and executive rooms. The cost of the night can reach $272 (about 40,000 dinars).

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Oldest hotels in Africa: an Algerian hotel in the top 5