Paroxysm Session # 1 x Ilian Tape dock des suds, November 19, 2022, Marseille.

Paroxysm Session # 1 x Ilian Tape Saturday, November 19, 11:55 p.m. dock des suds
12.99 to 15.99€

dock des suds 12 RUE URBAIN V, 13002 Marseille Marseille 2nd District Marseille 13002 Bouches-du-Rhône Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur [« link »: « », « link »: « »]

Paroxysm Ltd is pleased to organize the 1st “Paroxysm session” evening on November 19, 2022 at the Dock des Suds.
The “Paroxysm Session” evenings are a series of monthly events organized in Marseille and welcoming a mixture of international and local artists as well as our residents.
Our events are “analog music only” focused, so artists performing at our events will only use machines or vinyl records, no cdjs, no traktor djs, no posers, business based artists or star djs only. from instagram; Only the skills associated with an offbeat musical selection talent, all while being “true” – if you ask us, this is what the scene has been missing for 10/15 years – will be sought and selected for our events, is why we take the responsibility to finally bring back authenticity.
The events are focused on techno music but not only; We’re taking you on an inclusive musical journey, so you’ll be able to listen to other styles but still within the spectrum of underground electronic music so plan for the unpredictable and get your raver gear ready!
For our 1st event we are collaborating with Ilian Tape, the iconic and now legendary Munich label which has signed some of the best contemporary artists for 15 years and which has greatly influenced the way techno is perceived today, merging with UK elements. – breaks, dub, jungle and hip-hop, creating an eclectic sound that is now recognized worldwide as “the Ilian Tape sound”; We are so proud to collaborate with its founders Dario and Marco Zenker, also known as the Zenker Brothers who will play for us a special 3 hour back to back, vinyl only, delighting us with their musical nuggets to make us dance non stop all the night.
You will also have the opportunity to find in the same evening an excellent and sharp live set of a rising star from Marseille: the very prolific, talented producer and dj: Vekh. This will be the opportunity to listen to the very first live of his career with drum machines and synths and we are so proud to bring this rough diamond to you, our beloved audience.
The opening of the evening will be done by the brilliant Aurore, aka Rorre Ecco, resident dj at Radio Grenouille with her show “Ecce Ecco” where she highlights her know-how and her collection of rarities and nuggets, between disco, afro house beats and techno. For our first Paroxysm Session, she will perform a Techno and Dub set which will prepare a perfect ground for the rest of the evening; We are honored to have him on board!
And finally, our resident dj, co-founder, artistic director and booker Avni Leka aka “The mad Albanian”. He will select his best weapons and take us on a phantasmagorical journey resembling a musical utopia, all signed by a selection of sharp but “not just techno” sounds.
Come early and stay late!
The event will last 8 hours, from 00:00 to 08:00
The price of the cloakroom is 1 euro per person and not per item (so if you leave a jacket + a sweater it will be 1 euro, and even if you leave your bag in addition the price will remain the same, we are not mercenaries).
Capacity is limited to 1000 people and tickets are going fast.
We have 3 levels of online tickets at 3 different prices:
– “Early birds” tickets limited to 200 tickets for 10 euros (Sold out) *
– Tickets Resident Advisor second batch limited for 12.50 euros * (Shotgun live 12.99eu)
– “General Admission” pre-sale tickets on RA at 15 euros * (live shotgun 15.99eu)
* PLUS: With the purchase of any type of ticket, you automatically have the chance to win a vinyl of the headlining artist who will be playing at our events.
The week of the event, we will select and contact by email a lucky winner by type of ticket (there will be a total of 3 vinyls to be won, therefore 3 winners).
You can withdraw your prize on the day of the event at the locker room.
The Plus Belle La Nuit team will be present throughout the evening.
They will be there to help you have a good evening, to enjoy it without taking any risks and to make sure everyone is feeling good.
So don’t hesitate to come and discuss your consumption with them and to find out about the products!
They will offer you:
– Prevention and risk reduction tools (condoms, roll your straw, earplugs, physiological serums, lubricant, etc.)
– To collect your products for analysis (results in the following days)
– Discussions around techno and alternative cultures, hearing risks, psychoactive products, sexual health, well-being, … & everything that comes to mind!
– Individual and confidential interviews if you feel the need
The “Peace & Love” policy:
We will not tolerate any form of discrimination, whether racial, sexual or gender. Our policy is zero tolerance, you will be removed from the event and not reimbursed.
We encourage our public to, on the contrary, meet, spend a pleasant moment together, get to know each other, know their differences and welcome the beauty of each other’s uniqueness.
Regarding violence and harassment (physical or moral): Ditto, you will be kicked out immediately and we may also come to call the authorities and testify your you.
There should be no tolerance for this kind of behavior.
Policy at the entrance of events:
Tickets to buy at the entrance are priced at 16 euros, cash or cb.
Note: We encourage our audience to be creative so pull out your favorite outfit, leather harness or that little dress you’ve always wanted to wear (regardless of your gender, everyone has the right to feel good), c Now is the time to inspire creativity and confidence in others too!
Also note that we have a drastic selection at the entrance and that we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone, depending on your behavior or if you do not seem to correspond to the atmosphere of the event; Gate selectors and security are not required to explain this and those who are refused entry will receive an instant refund if they purchased a ticket online prior to the event.
We want to keep an atmosphere without problems and without installers, you have been warned.
Privacy and Telephone Use Policy:
The use of the telephone is prohibited on the dancefloor.
We encourage our audience to be in the moment, we already use our phones constantly and would appreciate if you could put them aside during the event. Please respect everyone’s privacy and avoid photographing other people.
People who take pictures on the dancefloor will be escorted to the door immediately, no refund. Please try to keep a “real” attitude and let others be themselves without fear of appearing on an insta story the next day while they are drunk or high, we find this disrespectful.
No social networks please, try to be social in real life during the event, in the pure rave spirit!
About Us :
Paroxysm is an independent and diverse crew, made up of members of different nationalities, genders and beliefs but united by the same passion: techno!
We are inspired by the British rave culture of the 90s and the Berlin techno scene of the early 2000s.
We are new to Marseille but all of our members come from different backgrounds in the art and music world, joining forces to create something truly memorable and unique.
We are what the Marseille electronic music scene needs: a bit of freshness and “realness” and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you for the coming season!
Join our events to feel the vibe and experience the difference!
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