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Last year was a pivotal year for the hotel and restaurant sectors. Marked by the crisis, the shortage of talent, price inflation… but also by new needs on the part of consumers and professionals, who are no longer only guided by passion for the profession and profitability, but by a search for meaning and new ways of doing things.

The PCHRDA 2022 ceremony (prize for digital cafés-hotels-restaurants of the year) organized by Libeo, Food Service Vision and many partners in the business demonstrated this to us.

Panorama of digital practices 2022

The rapid digitization of the sector is based on three major movements: social networks, which have become essential, reservation platforms and CSR, a major topic of the year driven by inflation and soaring energy prices. Support platforms for HR management, recruitment, administrative management, cash flow and web referencing are gradually making a place, ready to stay.

Technology, more than ever, has proven its added value: freeing up time wasted on time-consuming tasks to better focus on people and on more rewarding actions at the heart of the business. Three major pillars are thus addressed: the customer and the improvement of his experience ; the team, its comfort, time management ; and the management of turnover, e-commerce and additional sales eg. The budget and the boarding of the teams as well as their retention remain major concerns.

Issues addressed by the emergence of numerous tools (made in France !) with a slow but certain acceptance of hoteliers who ended up seeing a certain saving of money, time, less stress and more innovation in an ecosystem that is undergoing upheaval upon upheaval. Being a hotelier and restaurateur is one of the oldest (and finest) professions in the world. Centuries have proven it, we know how to be resilient, today with the boost of digital solutions.

On course for 2023: Parent company, a winner showing the way forward

2023 will be the year of all records in a constantly changing sector. The CHR awards have rewarded exceptional hotels that have demonstrated their adaptability to become true figureheads. Among them: Le Domaine des Prés Verts & Spa, Hôtel Pley Paris, Villa Métis L’hôtel Baudelaire, and Maison Mère, the big winner of this edition.

Motherhouse is the jury’s favourite. A family business driven by its founder Aziz Temimi, who was able to amaze us with his ambitions and the work accomplished by his teams in their 360° digitalization efforts.

4* hotel nestled in the heart of the 9e arrondissement of Paris, Maison Mère pushes the cursor even further: rethinking the hotel as an experience, with a before, a during and an after. An actor to follow very closely, hoisted to the top 100 (TripAdvisor) of the best hotels in Paris, which thinks of its experience inside and outside its walls to completely disrupt the sector.

Winner 2023, Aziz Temimi, visionary, was able to share some of his secret recipes with us.

Towards an experiential trend, which mixes data and emotions

Among the notable successes of the palace, its avant-garde vision: to completely rethink the CHR sector, under an experiential axis, inside and outside the walls.

Mother house offers 360° curation by taking care of the experience on site but also pre and post-stay, by putting data at the service of feelings for its customers and teams.

A customer journey thought out down to the smallest detail, which thanks to the data collected upstream and on site, makes it possible to know the customer, and to create unforgettable emotions and memories… and to segment the offer. The place of life offers experiences through an evolving decoration, a multiplication of events and tailor-made activities inside the place and in the rooms. Visitors will thus be able to enjoy their favorite activities, leisure activities, flowers and symbols once there, and a hybrid place that reconciles two worlds, human and technological. A hyper-personalization that succeeds with also a significant loyalty rate.

A strategy that includes acquisition levers that are now installed and recognized (SEO, networks, etc.), but also additional content with high added value to become its own media and an information reference for travellers.

Fluidification of internal processes, and a vector of meaning

Digital is everywhere at Maison Mère, in internal processes to streamline communication between employees and departments, but also to monitor performance and KPIs on a daily and automatic basis. It also addresses a decisive point: the recruitment and retention of talents, who feel included in an innovative project, which brings its teams into another dimension. A new vision of the workforce that includes transparency of salaries, positions, and meaningful missions.

A well-run project that improves direct bookings. Aziz underlines it perfectly hotels are still the only ones to have to offer their offer through third-party services.

Perhaps this is the real feat of Maison Mère and the main 2023 revolution in the hotel industry: the search for data feedback, aggregation, tools and an “in-house” experience. ; to become its own Booking and thus the first sales generator ?

This is what we wish for the sector in 2023.

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Article courtesy of Pierre DutaretCo-founder and CEO of Libeo
Originally from the south-west of France, Pierre Dutaret fell in love with catering. A former investment banker converted to cooking, he obtained his Cooking Diploma at the Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute in 2009 and embarked on entrepreneurship in 2013. He became a restaurant owner and co-founded the Panorama restaurant chain. Group (Farago, Canard&Champagne, Liberty’s burger, etc.). It was during this experience that he realized the archaic nature of cash management, and created with Pierre-Antoine Glandier and Jérémy Attuil at the end of 2019, Libeo, the payment specialist, to pay his bills in one click and without IBAN. Libeo now represents 150,000 companies that use the solution on a daily basis to pay and get paid.


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Pierre Dutaret’s Vision 2023 – Ever more accelerated digitalisation, technologies ready to stay anchored: the case of the 4* Mother House, a figurehead of the movement – ​​TendanceHotellerie