Pre-season: the Kings? The best team in the world from July to October

Six is ​​the number of games on the program for this new NBA pre-season night. Five is the number of evenings you have left to enjoy this great show full of intensity and suspense. Eight ? The number of sleeps you have left before the real recovery, Tuesday in eight, the first night of a series of around 230 until June. Let’s recap what happened that night? Yes ? Ok, but quickly then, we have a season to prepare too.

The results of the night

The nights follow one another and, past the happiness of finding our favorite heroes for the first time this season and/or in their new colors, past the joy of scrutinizing the skills of the rookies and/or our little French people… the passion is running out of steam necessarily a little. Stars who remain in civilian clothes in the second half, coaches who bring the end of their bench into the money time, in short, in October in the NBA we play lying poker and we especially want to avoid sores. Despite everything, we remain faithful to the post, because Seeing Andre Drummond chain the strings in the parking lot or John Wall dancing on the bench is priceless, because seeing the Thunder win a game by just 47 points is as beautiful as it is shocking, and when it’s thanks – in part – to Ousmane Dieng, let’s say it makes us proud of our roots. Concretely this night? Jordan Poole has been solid on his support, that hasn’t always been the case recently hehe, but opposite Anthony Davis raised his voice and the Lakers won their first game since like 2020. We can also note that John Wall does not not only dancing and that he seems both well in his head and well in his pumps with a nice match against Wolves (Rudy Gobert did not play), but the news of the night is above all that thanks in part to a still sweet Keegan Murray (5/6 of the parking lot), the Kings have carded very sad Blazers and they are already positioned among the big outsiders in the West this season. We’re kidding huh, but we’ve always dreamed of writing this sentence, it’s stupid huh but everyone has their dreams, that of Spurs fans being for example to win at least one match until April but that’s badly crossed, with this night the Pelicans and Trey Murphy III (7 successes at 3-pointers) who reminded Gregg Popovich that he was now coach of an N1 team.

The Top 10 of the night, right HERE, when it’s out

Some pictures from the night

Tonight’s program:

  • 1 a.m.: Hornets-Wizards
  • 1am: Cavs-Sixers
  • 1h30: Heat – Rockets
  • 3 a.m.: Nuggets – Suns

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Pre-season: the Kings? The best team in the world from July to October