Preview Warriors – Lakers: the season is off to a great start!

Barely time to recover from the Clasico between the Celtics and the Sixers, the time will have come to see the King face the best shooter in history in San Francisco. Yes, at 4 a.m., the bravest – and we’re sure you’re one of them – will be able to watch a high-quality Californian derby between Golden State and the Lakers, with the bonus of the championship rings for the Warriors . Yes, it rocks, and yes, we can’t wait.

LeBron James will therefore attack his 20th season tonight at the Chase Center in the lair of the Warriors, and he will do so alongside Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook and… Patrick Beverley. Come on, we’ve been digesting all this info for several weeks now, we have to move on and realize that yes, this is what the Lakers team looks like in 2022-23. Facing them, a defending champion team ready to crush everything in its path to further expand its pedigree next June: the Warriors of Golden State Stephen Curry. A clash that could not be tastier, epic, rivalry, cool, microwave, you know, and above all unmissable for any good basketball fan who does not respect his sleep.

The meeting will be marked above all by the ceremony of the rings of champions which will be given to the players of the Californian team (no need to specify which one, the other did not even go to play-in) and it will be very nice to see Steph, Klay, Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green (if he doesn’t put a fairground potato on Adam Silver) wear their 4th ring and thus join LeBron James in the number of championships won in the League. A very special moment that Anthony Davis, at random, wants to spoil at all costs to get off to a good start in his season. “It’s always nice to ruin the ring night. » he said to the microphone of ESPN, while here we just hope to see him walk one foot in front of the other without risking losing a bone. The victory of the Lakers is not guaranteed quite the contrary, but if this delivery of rings can add an additional factor to the awakening of the volatile that is Anthony Davis, we sign directly in indelible ink.

Lakers who will also attack this meeting with (already) a lot of absentees: Dennis Schroder, Thomas Bryant and Troy Brown in particular, but Darvin Ham should not have too much trouble composing without them, and the fact that the three stars (yes Westbrook is still a star, stop a bit) are present on the floor at the same time is already a victory in itself for Los Angeles. The Warriors will not be able to count on Iguodala, which could pose some problems when we see his impact on the game and the defense he can offer against LeBron. Come on, we had a good laugh, of course this absence will change absolutely nothing in the final result even if we love Iggy.

LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, Jordan Poole, Austin Reaves, Klay Thompson, Russell Westbrook, Andrew Wiggins etc.. these are the stars you can see if your eyes stay open tonight between 4am and 6:30am. Come on, let’s motivate ourselves, drink a coffee and send each other a few push-ups and pull-ups to stimulate the body and stay valiant to watch the second game of this magnificent opening night between Warriors and Lakers. 4am at the Chase Center in San Francisco, we don’t guarantee you’ll be in good shape the next day, but we guarantee you a lot of fun and a great basketball show.

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Preview Warriors – Lakers: the season is off to a great start!