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You wish save up to 30% and sometimes more on your online purchases ? Whether on your Amazon purchases, your Netflix, Disney + subscriptionbut still your flight reservations and hotel nights, brand websites and software, etc… the number of sites on which our trick works is impressive. So you want to know how to do it? In this case, read carefully this article that will literally change your vision and your way of buying.

Everything is based on a system that dates back to the dawn of time and which is widely practiced on the internet: price discrimination or “price discrimination” in English. This consists of offering the same product or service at different prices in terms of demographic criteria such as age, gender.

On the Internet, most sites that sell products, subscriptions or services also practice price discriminationbut in a more opaque form and on a very different criterion: geolocation. The concept assumes that nationals of certain countries are supposedly willing to pay more for the same thing.

Therefore the majority of sites adapt their prices according to your country of connection which they detect thanks to your IP address. Depending on whether you are in France, Spain, the United States or Brazil, the price differences are huge: 10, 20, 30 and sometimes even 40%. But as much to tell you thatby connecting from France, you systematically pay the high price! But do you know that it is possible to take advantage of this system to make substantial savings ?

Take advantage of discounted prices all year round!

When you visit a website, the first information that “betrays” you is your IP address. It is thanks to it that the sites can geolocate you and adapt the prices displayed. So the trick is to change your IP address. But how to do it ?

It’s very simple, justequip your device with software called VPN (virtual private server). Thanks to this revolutionary technology, you will be able to choose your virtual location and thus connect from an IP that allows you to get the most advantageous prices. For the purpose of this article and our daily use, we opted for CyberGhost VPN available at this address: https://www.cyberghostvpn.com/fr_FR/ . It is reliable, and for the modest sum of €2.11/monthbarely the price of two loaves of bread, you will realize huge savings on your online purchases.

The trick works on hundreds of sites and the examples that you will find below represent a tiny part of the possibilities offered.

Examples and demonstration: incredible price differences!

Here is a demonstration of price differences practiced by online sales sites depending on whether you visit the site from a French or foreign IP address. As you will see, the differences are mind-blowing!

Examples on Amazon tech products

Amazon is renowned for charging rock-bottom prices.. They are also accustomed to price discrimination. With our trick, you can therefore take advantage of even cheaper prices! For evidence, here are some examples below on high-tech products.

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Examples of reservations for stays/trips Booking

Price discrimination based on geolocation is very widely practiced by online travel sites. Booking, Expedia or Skyscanner are known to have implemented this system. For the purposes of our example, we searched Booking and the price differences are amazing!

The result by connecting from an IP address in the USA is final ! And this for only 3 nights in a hotel! Imagine the savings made for a reservation of one week. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them)

Economy with a VPN on Booking

Economy with a VPN on Booking

Examples of buying clothes on Asos and Zalando

Asos and Zalando are among the largest sites selling clothing and accessories. They also offer different prices based on the geolocation of their customers.

In the examples below, we can see that not only the differences between the prices of the bases are significantbut thanks to our CyberGhost VPNit is possible to take advantage ofexclusive offers which allow to save more than 40%. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them)

Economy with VPN on Asos

Save on your Zalando purchases

Example with Netflix subscriptions

netflix as well as many streaming services like Disney+, YouTube Premium and Spotify are the perfect illustration of the practice of price discrimination. The differences in cost of a subscription from one country to another is considerable!

In the examples below, we have chosen to show you the cases of Netflix and Disney+. For the first, you can save 53% on the premium plan by subscribing from an IP address in Argentina. Regarding Disney+, the saving made is 30.5% by subscribing from a Hungarian IP.

Save on Netflix subscription

NB: Once subscribed, you can change the language in your settings and you will be able to access all the catalogs in French.

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Purchasing power: a tip can save up to 30% on your online purchases | News