Renting your stuff: a real good deal

What if, to generate a little extra money, you capitalize on your possessions or the spaces you have but which you use little? Discover the good plans unearthed by Max.

Your car

Rather than going through well-established agencies, more and more French people are renting cars from individuals. All you have to do is register your vehicle for free on platforms such as,, or even, which are remunerated with a commission on the rental price. You must add a description, photos and determine the daily rental price. You will benefit from all-risk insurance, with major companies like Axa, and assistance. Very well done, these platforms also allow you to rent your car without handing over the keys: their applications verify the identity of the renters and unlock the doors using your phone. To find out how much your car could earn you, fill in the simulators on the home pages. Most claim to be able to earn several hundred euros per month!

Your garden

Do you have a nice outdoor space? Know that this piece of land can supplement your ends of the month! You can register it for free on, a platform which, as its name suggests, offers private garden rentals. This can be on the occasion of a baptism, a birthday, a family meal or a wedding. The site also offers the sharing of vegetable gardens. You choose the rate per hour and per day. As an indication, a garden of about 100 m2 rents € 40 per day, another 1,000 m2 with swimming pool is displayed from 65 € per hour to 350 € per day. Same principle with the site, where the average price is €650 for around 8 hours of rental. Another possibility is to accommodate campers. Since 2013, the website has been used to register your garden to receive holidaymakers with their tent, caravan or motorhome. The recommended rate is 15 to 20 € per night for a space of 50 m2 and the price for a bare pitch is €8 per night and per person. To be adjusted according to the region, the season and the services available to travelers such as a swimming pool, breakfast or the loan of equipment.

Your motorhome

A motorhome is very practical for traveling comfortably. But the purchase price remains high, around €50,000 for a mid-range model, according to the specialized site To make this purchase profitable and while the French are passionate about leisure vehicles, you can rent yours to individuals. On, or, you can post your advertisement free of charge, with supporting photos, and benefit from a secure multi-risk insurance. To find out more, use the simulators on these websites. Be aware that, according to Hapee, on average, a motorhome can be rented for 12 weeks per year for an income of up to €4,000. The Yescapa site claims to be able to save €8,150 per year for owners. A good reason not to leave it in the garage!

Your accommodation

Do you live in a tourist town and go on vacation? Are you lucky enough to have a small apartment in the mountains or on the coast? Know that renting your home, main or secondary, can be profitable. The site, market leader with its 7 million referenced accommodations, thus makes the link between owners and holidaymakers. You need to create your ad, add details and photos, then respond to those who want to rent. It is also possible to offer a room of your house. According to the site, in France, hosts earn €131 per night and rent their accommodation 18 nights per month! On the same principle, there are also and

Your empty spaces

If you have a cellar, an attic, a pantry or a garage that you do not need, know that this may be of interest to someone in your area. Especially in large cities, many people run out of space to store their belongings temporarily or for the longer term. On the site, you can post an ad to specify the space you offer, and whether you want a single tenant or several. Also to be determined, the conditions of access: by appointment or with delivery of the keys. You can then choose the tenant who will have contacted you. The price per month and per m2 depends on the city: €14.40 in Lyon, €6 in Agen, €10.80 in Nantes… A real plus for those who have unoccupied space!

Your sports and leisure equipment

Rather than leaving them gathering dust in the attic or spending months in boxes, how about renting your sports stuff? Bikes, skis, sledges, hiking bags… We tend to buy them to use them only a few days a year. You can therefore offer them to individuals via the site. For this, you must write an ad and post photos, then wait to be contacted.

Your household appliances

Drill, hedge cutter, fondue set, karcher… Here are some objects that could interest your neighborhood and earn you a small ticket. On the or website, you can create a profile and offer them in a few clicks. Once contacted by an interested person, do not forget to ask for a deposit, an identity document and have a rental agreement signed. The site specializes in DIY materials. Smart!

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Renting your stuff: a real good deal