Should you diversify your real estate investments in the metaverse? 3 key metaverses to discover – The ₿log

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity started out as a blockchain-powered game. It is now a popular metaverse platform. The universe of Asia Infinity has been consolidated into a single virtual nation known as Nursia. This nation is made up of seven types of land or lands different, each with its own level of rarity, geographical position and usefulness.

Axie Infinity has a marketplace on which are listed the lands that are for sale. Although it is virtual, you should consider it as an investment. Inflation is rampant in the gaming ecosystem.

The popularity of lands and AXS token leads to an increase in the price of virtual land due to the interest in the development of the metaverse in the technology sector.


Decentraland is the perfect land for real estate investment in the metaverse. This platform is based on the network Ethereum. The metaverse architecture of the Decentraland platform is based on the concept of a plot system structured into 3D virtual regions. LAND tokens are used to represent these plots in the metaverse.

Investors can buy plots and develop income-generating activities there: rental, exhibition, games, etc. Decentraland has a marketplace to explore and possibly buy land.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox platform is a pixelated metaverse that is gaining more and more value in the world of digital real estate. The Sandbox, like the Decentraland platform, is made up of real estate parcels also called lands which are represented by non-fungible tokens based on Ethereum (ERC721 standard).

Each terrain on the platform is unique. These virtual assets can be bought and sold directly on the Sandbox Marketplace. The lands are listed on OpenSea.

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Should you diversify your real estate investments in the metaverse? 3 key metaverses to discover – The ₿log