Six alone on stage to fight against the winter gloom

In the myriad of stars who have eaten clown, it is sometimes difficult to choose. Six of them made us howl with laughter. Our short list of the best comedy shows to book before the sold out!

His show : It goes

His resume: Eastern girl, Laura Felipin grew up near Kingersheim, in Alsace. Child, complexed by her strabismus, she imposes herself as the funny little service. And at the same time, for the Felpins, being funny is a family affair: his mother and stepfather are clowns! “I learned very early on to work on my intuition and my curiosity by observing all this little world.“It’s decided, when she grows up, she will play comedy like Florence Foresti, his model! After two years of studying at the Faculty of Performing Arts in Strasbourg, she went to the capital to follow a training as an actress at the international studio Blanche Salant and Paul Weaver. In 2019, thanks to her Instagram pellets, she was recruited by Yann Barthes. The beginning of an irresistible ascent…

On the scene : In 2022, Laura Felipin finally makes its baptism of the boards with a first show which plays sold out in Paris between February and April. The former columnist Dailyrevealed on Instagram thanks to her humorous videos, seduces us in her first (almost) alone on stage… Accompanied from time to time by her co-author Cedric Salaun, this peerless observer juggles between ages, genders, accents, temperaments to deploy a whole gallery of men and women inspired by her life and our daily lives. We find there among others Vanessa Poteau, the saleswoman of cosmetics or Laetitia Goulard, the influencer in the making. Between two sketches, she also opens up about her own quirks and even releases her Diddl diary ! A talent that has not escaped jonathan cohen who entrusted her with the role of Annick the baba-cool circus artist in The flame.

Until December 17 at the Théâtre des Mathurins, 8th.

© Sasha Marro

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His show: see people.

His resume: This child of the 1980s spent his youth in the Manche near Mortain. Does it ring a bell ? Normal, not much happens there… Far from being a child of the ball, his mother is a hairdresser, his father a cleaner and the atmosphere was not crazy at home. Loving to play the animators of camp, his life takes a new turn when he meets Aslem Smida in a holiday club in Marrakech. The one who will become his director encourages him to go on stage. In 2008, he launched into stand-up with Baptiste hits the poster. Kyan Khojandi spots him and offers to be his super creepy roommate in In short. Since then, the cinema has made eyes at him while his shows are a hit.

On the scene : It is the voice of his eldest daughter that introduces him to the stage, and no longer frenzied music as was the case in the past. Times are changing… but that doesn’t mean that the handsome Norman has calmed down. He even still has the devil in his body, a sharp joke and a gift for imitation animals… and Fanny Ardant (to curl up laughing)! With a sense of the absurd and unfailing energy, he recounts his worries as a father, a lover, a companion, his tics of “old” or his phobia of wasps. We are witnessing a real performance that immediately places the actor in a separate category in the world of comedy shows. His Parisian dates are coming to an end very, very soon. But it will be at the top of the bill from April 11 to 15, 2023 at the Olympia. Book your tickets quickly !

Until November 26 at the Théâtre de la Renaissance, 10th. Then from April 11 to 15, 2023 at the Olympia.

© Lenaig Chatel

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His show: Others

His CV : Tania was born thirty-two years ago in Villefranche-sur-Saône in a large family not necessarily very keen on jokes and with a mother who practices lexical fantasy (at home tiramisu is pronounced tsunami…). She started stand-up at 19 and scoured all the open scenes. This sniper who spares no one, not even herself, catches the eye of Verino or of Mathieu Madenian of which she provides the first parts. Then came the first solo successes at Point-Virgule, Nouvelle Seine and L’Européen. She is even chosen by netflixwith Shirley Souagnon, Donel Jack’sman and Jason Brokersto represent the stand up French in the selection of comedians of the world.

On the scene : What my mouth? What’s wrong with my face ? Why do we wax, go under the knife, go on diets? Why do we bend to the rules of the game of social relations and propriety? Tania Dutel doesn’t skimp when it comes to denying all these devastating diktats and unvarnishedly talks about the size of her calves or those of the penises she may have come across. In short, “hell is other people.” This sentence of Jean paul Sartre must have a very special flavor for her. Indeed, the humorist with the dark look, had a hard time getting rid of it and besides, was she completely detached? In any case, Tania strips naked in her new stand-up and ironically plunges us into all these untimely judgments that literally rot our lives. Cosmetic surgery, bulimia, sexual orientation, white discharge, parenthood, education… In the wake of Blanche Gardinwith her outspokenness, she lifts the veil on her intimacy the better to laugh about it and it’s devilishly effective.

Until December 23 at New Eve, 9th.

© Patrick Fouque

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His resume: Newcomer in the galaxy of stand-up girls, Morgane Cadignan squats the antenna of France Inter since 2020 where she has been writing a furiously funny column on the show Nagui. The boosted brunette lived another life before finally blossoming in humor. A former advertiser, she traded the open space for the stage where she quickly stood out and won the SACD writing prize in 2019 at the Paris Comedy Festival.

On the scene : Thirties at war against the dictatorship of well-being, the injunction to happiness, the joy of living, social pressures of all kinds, Morgane Cadignan delivers a sharp and mischievous analysis on already worn-out subjects. She catches her audience between two uppercuts and/or observations thanks to her ultra-worked writing and a scenic ease which immediately gives her a strong capital of sympathy, even if she throws stinging spades. No filter – she’s the kind of girl you shouldn’t ask”How’s it going ?” on pain of being turned into stone – she navigates between stand-up and one-woman show. It is also when she begins to embody characters that she reveals the extent of her potential. Very promising !

Weds. until December 28 at the European, 17th.

© Stephane Kerrad

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1669226596 563 Six alone on stage to fight against the winter gloom

His show: Ad Vitam

Between two chronicles on France Inter, the most Parisian of Belgian comedians plays in the theater Edward VII his second alone on stage, nominated for the 2022 Molières. After surprising, instructing and entertaining us with art, his new favorite theme is… death. You had to dare, but without a challenge, life would be very dull. Verdict? It’s a new nugget, no surprises, dare we say! We find what makes the salt of style Vizorek, mix serious and absurd subjects, with a pleasing bad faith and a certain candor. The comedian who makes people less stupid, or more intelligent, begins his show with the words of Sacha Guitry, Siné, Cynthia Fleury Where Stendhal who are not afraid to evoke the Grim Reaper with a good dose of insolence. References will follow to Baudelaire, Heidegger Where Epicurus and we begin to imagine that we would have loved to have him as a philosophy teacher! Death suits him so well that we have never laughed so much at this disastrous subject.

Until December 31 on Fri., Sat. and Sun. at the Théâtre Edouard VII, 9th.

© Laura Gilli

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His show: goodbye yesterday

Beneath his gruff looks, Fabrice Eboue hides a great sensitivity and moves as much as it makes you laugh in its new hard-hitting single on stage. If he is nostalgic for the time without Covid and feels overwhelmed by the codes of the new generations, he is far from having become a grumpy reactionary! With his sense of repartee and his chiseled writing, he embarks his audience on the paths of his own reflection evoking the culture of erasure, the feminismrights LGBT, Black Lives Matters Where Emmanuel Macron with whom he shares a few points in common… His relaxed insolence hits the mark, so we take advantage of his last Parisian days to go and applaud him at the Shepherdess Follies.

From December 29 to January 7 at the Folies Bergères, 9th.

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Six alone on stage to fight against the winter gloom