Skip Bayless, the most hated man in American sports media!

While he could very well be a star chef skilled at grilling meat in the family restaurant, Skip Bayless is arguably the most hated sportscaster in the American media universe. The septuagenarian likes to be singled out, which is what made him famous. But Bayless struggled a hell of a long way before becoming the number one hater one by LeBron James. Little focus on the guy.

“Maybe not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. » A turn on Skip Bayless’ Twitter profile and you directly understand the magnitude of the character which still has 3.2 million followers… but who does not follow anyone. On the blue bird as in life, the native of Oklahoma City does not only have friends and most of his posts are intended to sting the major players in US sport and therefore those of the NBA. You don’t have to go far to find kindness towards your favorite player (not at all): LeBron James. Not impressed with King’s game against Spurshe describes the Lakers player as ” Worst 3-point shooter in the NBA »…Holy Skip.

Never Call Him John Edward Bayless II Again

Skip is not his original first name, when he was born in 1951, his parents called him John Edward Bayless II. At least that’s what is written on the papers, because in reality his parents will call him “Skip” or “Skipper”. This nickname will remain and the main interested party will end up adopting it officially. A denomination that is translated as “captain” and which must surely please the ambitious spirit of the one who played baseball and basketball during his youth. In an interview for The Starting Five in 2009, Skip told the origin of his first name:

“When I was born and my father looked at me for the first time, he said ‘This is my skipper’. The name stuck and they called me “Skip” or “Skipper”. Not once in my life did my parents call me John Edwards, even when they were angry. »

Today, when we talk about Skip Bayless, we think directly of the journalist, insider, consultant… and of course polemicist who does not hesitate to say what he thinks on his show “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed” which he hosts with former NFL player Shannon Sharpe on Fox Sports 1. The two acolytes discuss and analyze sports news, necessarily passing through the NBA. In this giant universe that the League represents, Skip Bayless looks like a bad guy by swinging pleasantries at everything. While many emphasize his polemical aspect, we must not forget that LeBron’s nemesis has a fairly impressive CV. A sports lover since childhood, Skip Bayless fell into the world of journalism in high school thanks to his English teacher:

“The more I wrote, the more I liked it and the better I got at it. In my senior year, my teacher signed me up for a once-a-year contest that gave the winner a big scholarship to Vanderbilt University. »

From a barbecue restaurant to one of the country’s top journalists

The boy from a family specializing in barbecue will win this scholarship which will lead him to continue his university course near Nashville in Tennessee. By winning the Grantland Rice prize – famous sports journalist of the beginning of the 20th century – Skip Bayless will open the doors to a career that will later be crowned with numerous awards. From the Eclipse Prize, in 1977, for an article on the victory of the horse Seattle Slew during the famous horse race Triple Crown, to 2000 Illinois Sports Writer of the Year without forgetting the Lisagor prize obtained during his first year at the Chicago Tribune or his titles of sportswriter of the year in Texas in 1979, 1984 and 1986. In short, Skip Bayless’ pen wreaks havoc everywhere it goesfrom his exit from Vanderbilt in 1974 to his arrival on TV sets in the early 2000s.

Meanwhile, the journalist rolls his hump from the Miami Herald to Chicago Grandstand passing through the Los Angeles Times and the Dallas Times Herald. In the Texas city – which was his favorite environment from 1982 to 1998 – he also wrote three books on the Cowboys, which were then an NFL institution. But Bayless is not the type to keep his tongue in his pocket so, in the early 90s, he also appeared on various radio stations, including that ofESPN. He also made a few appearances on the small screen through the famous Rican media. Sport as a favorite field, not really a family passion :

“I was the black sheep of my family. I fell in love with sports when no one in my whole family liked sports. Everyone had a background in cooking, in catering… my grandfather had a restaurant drive in, my brother gravitated in there too. I don’t know if you know him. »

A special LeBron James salt shaker for every occasion

A bit of irony to remind everyone that his brother Rick Bayless is one of the most renowned chefs specializing in Mexican cuisine in the country of Uncle Sam. The two Bayless brothers therefore have the same passion: to put spices where they go. Admittedly, his CV is eloquent, but Skip Bayless is above all talked about by his escapades and his side hasten which he loves to cultivate on television sets since 2004. At that time, he signed a contract with ESPN where he will host the show First Take until 2016, notably teaming up with Stephen A. Smith from 2012. Skip Bayless will then leave ESPN for Fox Sports, media that offers him a very nice contract of 32 million dollars over 4 years in 2021. Even today, his show “Undisputed” brings together as much as it divides and obviously allows the bugger to get out the salt shaker.

Everyone knows, his favorite target is LeBron James, whom he even nicknamed the ” Froozen one » after the 2011 NBA Finals. Since then, each false step of the Cyborg gives grist to the mill Skip Bayless. Everything is good to reach LBJ, so Skip also attacks some of his teammates like Russell Westbrook, who obviously does not have the calmness of his boss. Since the beginning of his career, the child of Akron has never responded to the statements of the troublemaker of Fox Sports who nevertheless tries to get him out of his hinges as soon as he has the opportunity.

Skip Bayless is inevitably renowned for his provocative side that he has cultivated since the beginning of his career. It is also what made the reputation of a talented and ambitious journalist, who followed the great stories of US sport from the front row. From the Dallas Cowboys to Michael Jordan’s Bulls via his cleats to LeBron James… A rather unique and crazy destiny for someone who grew up in a steakhouse in Oklahoma… and who no doubt dreams of a confrontation with the King.

Text sources: Skip Bayless, The Starting Five, Chicago Tribune, Sports Illustrated, Russell Westbrook / @russwest44.

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Skip Bayless, the most hated man in American sports media!