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While Parisians are leaving the capital to start their winter holidays, other tourists are arriving in droves. Indeed, the rental figures announce a strong recovery for February compared to the year 2021. Similarly, the French and French were impatient to go on vacation, since the anticipation of reservations was important this year. Smily, a BookingSync brand and French vacation rental management service for individuals, delivers its quantitative analysis of the tourist rental market in the Paris region for the month of February, which is ending.

While 2021 was a particularly complex year for the tourism sector, 2022 is already showing more favorable signals for the sector, even as health constraints are easing in the face of the reflux of the Omicron variant. In any case, this is what the seasonal rental figures for the month of February in the Paris region show, from the comparative study of data from Smily.

Figures for February 2022 compared to February 2021:

  • The occupancy rate is up by 52% ;
  • The average price per night has increased by 49% ;
  • Income generated by properties increased by 220% ;
  • Bookings were made on average 25 days before arrival, compared to 7 days before in 2021.

Boom in activity in the sector in 2022: Smily, the tool that helps owners simply manage their seasonal rentals

Brand of BookingSync (French company) dedicated to individuals with a business volume of 300 million euros, Smily allows owners to broadcast their rental ad tourist accommodation to more than 1,000 tourist portals and 50 million travellers. With more than 25,000 properties in France listed in the bosom of Smily and more than 2.3 million overnight stays recorded per year by the software, the tool is now positioned among the best global platforms in the tourism sector. Moreover, Smily confirms strong activity for the period with a business volume for January 2.5 times greater than that of 2021 at the same time and twice that of 2020, before the health crisis.

Thanks to numerous reference partners such as Veepee Voyages, Abritel, Airbnb, or even Expedia, Smily gives owners the means to enjoy an absolutely extraordinary occupancy rate for their seasonal rental property(ies). and to be able to concentrate calmly on their core business: the traveler experience. Thus, in the number of reservations made in real time, Smily confirms for its customers a growth of 236% for February 2022 (compared to 38% of the market) and of 602% for spring holidays (compared to 89% of the market ). Sébastien Grosjean, Founder of BookingSync and Smily.

Similarly, for this start of the year, Smily has been able to observe that the occupancy rate following reservations made via its network will be much higher than in 2021, multiplied by 3.2 for February, by 9 for the holidays spring and by 2.4 for this summer.

I have been using Smily’s services for a few months and have seen a dramatic improvement in the number of my reservations. Thanks to the many distribution channels offered by Smily, my property is immediately and effectively visible on more than 1000 portals. In addition, I can manage all my reservations effortlessly in one place. Sandra Guiliani, Smily user client.

About BookingSync

Designed in 2009 and officially established in 2014, BookingSync is a seasonal rental management software for professionals designed by Sébastien Grosjean, who has been in the industry since childhood. When it was created, the start-up raised just under 1 million euros in just 15 days from 160 investors. Since then, BookingSync has completed four other fundraisers and in 2020 developed a new vacation rental management service for individuals: Smily. The company now has active employees in 17 countries and is positioned as a global reference in the sector. To date, BookingSync has achieved a sales volume of more than 1 billion euros and is active in 76 countries.

About Smiley

Since 2020, BookingSync has also offered the Smily service, a platform for individuals wishing to focus on the traveler experience. The software simplifies the management of their rentals by connecting each property to more than 1,000 websites. More than a platform, Smily is the partner of an easy, safe and profitable vacation rental activity for the owners of the 630,000 seasonal rentals in France, out of the 3.6 million second homes. Olivier Le Floch was appointed CEO of Smily in May 2021 to ensure the development of the company. Its ambition is to increase Smily’s notoriety among the general public by recruiting more than 10,000 new owners in the next twelve months, and thus make it a benchmark in France.

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Smily study – Tourism in Paris: +52% in seasonal rentals compared to February 2021 – TendanceHotellerie