Staycation arrives in Lille, to make you live experiences in luxury hotels

The Staycation service has recently been available in Lille. It allows you to enjoy experiences in beautiful hotels, like here at the Hermitage Gantois. (©HM/Lille news)

You know the good tables of Lille and trendy corners for a drink. You also know where to go out to see a show or a one man show. In short, you are unbeatable on the good addresses. But have you ever had a night in a hotel from Old Lille or center ? If you are Lille or resident of the metropolis, chances are that you have never tried the experience.

And yet, the area’s hotels are really places to get to know, as they have so much to show you. It is to (re)connect locals to hoteliers near them that the site Staycation has been created. Launched in 2017 in Paris, then in major cities in France, the offer is now well expanded in Lille and its surroundings (2 hours drive max). Thanks to this service, you will be able to benefit from a 24 hour experiencein a nice hotel near youall to one interesting price.

Go on vacation in your own city

It was by surveying Parisian hoteliers, who were struggling to fill their rooms with local customers, that Staycation was born. With his two partners, Mathieu Ecollan therefore thought of a concept to make Parisians want to pay for a hotel night, but to sleep in their own city or not far away. “The fact of not sleeping at home already allows you to disconnect. But we had to transform this night into an experience, to make the customer live 24 hours of disconnection. »

Staycation thus works with beautiful hotels that already offer a great experience, such as a swimming pool, a spa, a restaurant. And for other properties that don’t have all of that, “but have a great level of service, we’re the ones working to create an experience. Thus, the reservation site has established partnerships with the beauty brand Oh My Cream! to offer a well-being parenthesis. Or with Big Mamma (La Bellezza restaurant in Lille) for a gourmet offer.

You have to give the impression of being on vacation in your own city, breaking the routine without having to go very far.

Mathieu EcollanCo-founder of Staycation

Everything that is offered on the site has been created in concert with the hoteliers. “They are delighted to have a younger and local clientele. The “Staycation experiences” have thus been designed to meet the needs of users. “We always try to put ourselves in their shoes, wondering what the ideal 24 hours would be. For example, the “Gros Dodo” experience, with beautiful bedding, a room overlooking the courtyard for Olympian calm, a sleep mask and a Zen playlist, is very popular. “We have customers who took it because they were exhausted from their week. Sometimes it is young parents who want to sleep well,” says Mathieu Ecollan.

How it works ?

Every Wednesday at 9 a.m., the site offers new offers, available for the next 7 days. To discover them, simply connect to the site or the application. The idea is thus to offer turnkey formulas, ideal for departures at the last minute. “There is no need to anticipate. And for hotels, it allows them to sell their remaining rooms. »

The proposed experiences can be in the city itself, or at most 3 hours away. In Lille, you can treat yourself to a night at the Hermitage Gantois, a place steeped in history that the staff are happy to tell tourists passing through, but also to people from Lille. Here, you can enjoy a large room full of charm, access to the spa (indoor swimming pool, hammam, sauna), a good beer from the North and a hearty breakfast in bed.

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Want to enjoy a breakfast in this soft bed? The Staycation site offers you the experience.
Want to enjoy a breakfast in this soft bed? The Staycation site offers you the experience. (©HM/Lille news)

A dozen other Lille hotels are referenced on the site, such as the Clarance, the Carlton, the Couvent des Minimes and the Barrière. Offers are also available in Valenciennes (Royal Hainaut), Arras and even Brussels.

The site says it charges “confidential” prices for these packages. Prices can range from minimum -17% to -50%. “Our rates can start at €99 with a well-decorated room and a glass of champagne. And if you have a larger budget, you can afford a night in a palace. It can be for a great occasion, like a couple’s anniversary for example. »

Mathieu Ecollan gives one last tip to save more: book a room for the night from Sunday to Monday. “Weekend customers leave on Sunday morning and business customers don’t arrive until Monday. The hotels are therefore almost empty, and this is where the rates are the most advantageous. And in addition, it avoids the depression of Sunday evening! »

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Staycation arrives in Lille, to make you live experiences in luxury hotels