Stephen Curry pays homage to Klay Thompson: “I wouldn’t be the same without seeing him do what he does every day”

What could be better than a little brotherly love to brighten up the start of the week? We will not teach you anything by recalling that Klay Thompson replayed after 942 days of absence. To comment on this return, nothing like his backcourt sidekick: a certain Stephen Curry.

Almost two days later, we still have stars in our eyes. We still wonder if what happened is possible, it seemed so unreal. Klay Thompson has again walked an NBA floor! Wow, how crazy this sentence is! The worst being that the rascal did not make a smooth comeback by simply showing up. With 18 shots attempted in 20 minutes, 17 points on the clock at the final whistle, including three baskets from the parking lot, a huge poster on Markkanen and Stevens who did not ask for so much and all in a victory: we can speak of an extremely successful comeback! At his side, all his teammates spent the match looking for him to put him in the rhythm. The first to do so being Stephen Curry, who almost foiled a little by finishing 5 turnovers, a good number of which are completely forced passes in the direction of his “brother”. The point guard was logically moved after the game and he took the opportunity to recall how having Klay Thompson by his side had been important in his personal success.

“I wouldn’t be the shooter I am now if I hadn’t seen Klay do what he does every day. “

The Splash Brothers definitely wear their nickname wonderfully. A brother is both a source of inspiration and an adversary, the one we want to beat at all costs. This healthy competition internally, accompanied by all the respect they have for each other, is part of what led the two brothers of the shoot to the best possible and imaginable level of wrist whipping. That’s what the Dubs point guard said after this win against the Cavs. Under their smiles and their joie de vivre, we sometimes notice, as is the case in this interview, how the two acolytes have a developed competitive spirit. A rivalry that can be found even in the statistics since, if Stephen has recently become the most prolific shooter in history, Klay still has a number of shooting records that Stephen has failed to match. This is particularly the case for the number of three-point baskets in a match, Curry’s old record which was 13, before Klay knocked him down with 14 baskets. from downtown. The number of 3-point baskets in a quarter is also held by Klay who had managed to detonate 9 bombs in 12 minutes. One of the few times the two players have had to face each other publicly during their careers is during the shoot contest. It’s happened twice and Curry won in 2015, while Klay won in 2016.

The story between these two players is absolutely fusional and we can see in this interview how Stephen Curry felt a void by his side on the floor for two years. We have again two of the greatest shooters in history together on the same team, the defenses can shake!

Text source: Bleacher Report

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Stephen Curry pays homage to Klay Thompson: “I wouldn’t be the same without seeing him do what he does every day”