Steven Adams extended by the Grizzlies for 25 million over two years

The big news of the night for the Grizzlies? Clearly not the victory of the night against the Bucks for their first pre-season game, but rather the extension of the New Zealand totem Steven Adams for two years and 25 million. Does that sound expensive to you? Honestly… it passes, because casually the pivot fulfills its task wonderfully and participates directly or indirectly in the development of this funny franchise.

At not even 30 years old (we agree that he is 40), Steven Adams still has good years ahead of him and he will in any case spend the next two in Tennessee. Arrived last summer from New Orleans to replace Jonas Valanciunas in the starting five, the lumberjack started 75 of his team’s 76 games last season, and if he was sacrificed in the Playoffs to favor speed, shooting and the length of the young interiors of Memphis, his contribution to this young group was invaluable and therefore necessarily underrated. 7 points, 10 rebounds, 75 screens and 4 scrambles avoided, these are roughly the averages per game for Stevie, he who is both one of the most appreciated players in the League as he is tough but straight in his boots and one of the most respected, because no human wants to sinter with a manly version of Jason Momoa.

Steven Adams’ job in Memphis? Set screens for Ja Morant therefore, send him a touchdown from time to time, remember it was completely crazy, scrape some rebound, offensive in particular, roll on the picks to go for one or two easy shots per game, and finally serve as the perfect bodyguard and veteran for the youth of Memphis.

Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, Jaren Jackson Jr., Brandon Clarke and the last of the band Santi Aldama, Kenny Lofton, David Roddy, Kennedy Chandler, Ziaire Williams or Jake LaRavia, a band of kids very happy to be guided by old hands including Steven Adams, the kind of guy whose experience makes you listen to him and whose trunk makes you respect him. 25 million over two years? We are in the nails, clearly, for a guy officially considered by the entire NBA as the HARDEST player in the NBAfor a guy who does what he is told to do and who will never bother anyone, even if the progress of the interiors in place means that the role of SA could decrease even more this season.

Memphis is a bunch of degenerate bowlers capable of defending AND sticking 140 on everyone every night, but it’s also a franchise that knows how to make clever little moves. Steven Adams for two more years and at that price it’s a smart move, and a very smart one that will manage to get into the FedEx racket next season without taking a little gentleman’s mandal on the chin. Congratulations Bears friends, you have locked down the strongest guard in the League for two more years.

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Steven Adams extended by the Grizzlies for 25 million over two years