Terry Stotts or Mark Jackson to sit on the Lakers bench?

Since the end of the regular season, the Lakers no longer have a coach. Frank Vogel was dismissed following the purple & gold catamaran season. But now the Los Angeles franchise has taken a step forward in its recruitment through the famous interviews… on Zoom with several potential coaches.

We have known for a month that the Lakers are looking for a new coach for the 2022-23 season. Not easy to find a quality one to manage a trio of stars and try to make the Russell Westbrook experience work. Frank Vogel, however titled in 2020, broke his teeth there and it cost him his job. Three weeks ago, the Angelinos showed interest in mark jackson. LeBron James was even in agreement and enthusiastic with this idea. This interest materialized in an interview on… Zoom according to The Athletic, however Jackson is far from alone. Between eight and ten candidates in total should go through the interview box according to ESPN. Among them, we find in particular the assistants Darvin Ham (Bucks) and Adrian Griffin (Raptors), and especially Terry Stotts, former coach of the Blazers. A choice that may seem surprising given how the story ended with Portland. However, and it’s always good to remember, the latter still went to the Playoffs eight seasons in a row with the Blazers and had a conference final in 2019. Something to reassure the Lakers about qualifying in postseason in 2023.

This position of head coach at the Lakers has always been one of heavy responsibility. Indeed, this franchise obviously has a great history, is much publicized and almost always includes stars in its ranks. Failure is therefore hardly allowed. Qualification for the Playoffs is the bare minimum and regularly the priority objective is to reach the conference final. A stage not reached in the last two years. If there are no new XXL trades, the next coach will have to manage this group led by a LeBron James who will turn 38, with Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook, and around Talen Horton-Tucker, Austin Reaves and… not many more people. Something that is not easy, as we have seen this year. Especially since next season, this new tactician will be under pressure to win at all costs. A difficult decision to make whether for Rob Pelinka and his advisers, of which Phil Jackson is a part, or for the auditionees. The ideal for Los Angeles would be an experienced coach who knows how to manage the egos of a group. Can Terry Stotts or Mark Jackson fill this role? Only time will tell.

Stotts and Jackson are therefore the two headliners for this position as Lakers coach. Remember that the former coach of the Warriors is also sought by the Kings who make it their priority. Perhaps a boon for the former Blazers who could put on the bench master’s suit very quickly.

Text sources: ESPN, The Athletic

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Terry Stotts or Mark Jackson to sit on the Lakers bench?