The 10 startups to follow in PropTech in 2022

Bonnie, the Booking of new real estate

Buy a new property online, in complete autonomy: the Proptech founded by Laurent Callu and Edouard Ulrich, partners in one of the main Parisian wealth management firms, offers an exhaustive platform of new properties still unique in France, combined with a simple, transparent and 100% dematerialized purchase process.

The company responds to three strong trends of the moment: the explosion of e-commerce, the digitization of the real estate sector and disintermediation. The power of Bonnie’s algorithm puts data on the table: attractiveness of the neighborhood, potential for added value, real rents received… all available free of charge on the platform: “Unlike the old, the new has the advantage of being a fairly standardized market and therefore quite easy to understand. This is an opportunity to digitize the sector. We are convinced that if we give the keys to the consumer, if we give him access to information, tools, explanations, he can completely take control over his real estate purchase »explains Laurent Callu, the co-founder of Bonnie.

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Colette or intergenerational shared accommodation

The startup co-founded in December 2019 started from a simple observation: on the one hand, students are finding it increasingly difficult to find accommodation and on the other, seniors feel more and more alone. Separated parents, for example, with no more children at home and with empty rooms, are happy to welcome students into their homes.

Colette brings together six entrepreneurial friends from startups such as Mention, Virtuo, Djump, BlaBlaCar and Sézane. A common objective: to reinvent intergenerational cohabitation around the values ​​of mutual aid, sharing and solidarity. A bet on the future confirmed by a very recent fundraising of 3 million euros from the Mutuelles Impact fund, initiated by the Mutualité Française and managed by XAnge in partnership with Investir&+, Founders Future and Evolem.

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GaPayLo or zero risk of non-payment

Fraudulent files from tenants, landlords frightened by the risk of non-payment and possible damage: the rental market is a source of risk that GaPayLo intends to bear. The startup therefore offers to pay the landlord itself on the first of the month, even in the event of late rent. Immediate compensation in the event of damage, squat guarantee with support procedure, support for certification of files, drafting of the lease, inventory tool, etc…: so many services which should allow you to rent quickly and calmly, at most large number.

According to a Se Loger/Opinionway survey, 29% of landlords have already been confronted with an unpaid bill. 50% who have taken out unpaid rent insurance find themselves in difficult situations because compensation often only occurs after the occurrence of a claim (materialized from the 1st month of unpaid, i.e. the 2nd month) and the implementation of precautionary measures. A compensation period of 3 months is thus generally observed. GaPayLo compensates immediately and then makes debt collection its personal business, without consequences for the lessor.

While the launch has just taken place in France, the three founders are already working to enrich the solution and its international deployment.

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Garantme, insurance partner of real estate agencies

Founded in 2017 by Thomas Reynaud and Emile Karam, the startup which offers a guarantee solution to aspiring tenants has supported more than 45,000 candidates since 2017 and today collaborates with almost 3,000 real estate agencies.

Garantme is involved in the digitization of rental real estate with an online offer that makes it possible to transmit, certify and consolidate its file while reassuring landlords. The recent purchase of the start-up Loumi confirms the good health of the company, which still lacked an essential tool for planning visits to achieve its objective: to become the first all-in-one insurance platform for real estate.

With a 100% increase in turnover in 2021 and the arrival of 50 new employees in 2022, industry-leading partners such as MMA, Suffren or Galian Assurances, Garantme is consolidating its position within French Proptech.

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Homepilot, the rental management startup joins the iad unicorn

iad, the French unicorn of Proptech, announced in early September the acquisition of Homepilot, the Parisian startup specializing in digital rental management. The company, which employs 40 people for a turnover of €3M, offers a digital platform to enable landlords to improve the return on their investment, reduce rental vacancies, unpaid bills and work expenses, while giving them access to all information in real time.

With a French rental management market estimated at around 6 billion euros, the pure player Homepilot manages more than one billion euros in real estate assets, i.e. several thousand lots in France. For Gilles Bourcy, co-founder, this acquisition is a new step taken: “We are very happy to be associated with iad, which shares the same vision of real estate geared towards entrepreneurship and innovation. Iad’s experience and resources will enable us to accelerate our external growth strategy with the integration of real estate agencies and management portfolios”.

The iad scale-up aims to become world number 1 in all its markets, driven by sales exceeding 526 million euros in 2022 and annual growth of more than 30% vs 2021.

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Imodirect, 100% digital rental management

On the very competitive rental market, the agency launched in 2018 by Arnaud Hacquart, stands out with a 100% online, national, independent offer, dedicated to the activity of finding tenants and rental management.

The partnership just signed with SWAN, a French fintech startup, adds a new stone to its building. Imodirect will now be able to deploy a virtual IBAN offer and thus secure rental payments. Integrated into the SWAN back office, the agency can generate virtual IBANs directly and in real time for each tenant newly joined at Imodirect. That is, for the rapidly growing company, between 150 and 200 new mandates each month, and for the lessor, payment without delay.

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Mesetys: a new era is dawning for interior design

Architects today are struggling to be profitable: for a selected plan, two proposals are on average abandoned. On the private side, you have to pay an average of 2,000 euros before obtaining the first sketches. Brakes that germinated the idea of ​​a SaaS platform for architects to create better plans thanks to a score from business and field expertise.

At a democratic price, Mesetys offers an effective “anti-charrette” tool, which centralizes the discussion, annotation and validation of housing plans between interior designers and individuals. Winner of the French Tech Bpifrance Scholarship, the company founded by an interior designer and 2 former ManoMano employees is counting on a massive marketing of its platform and is currently in the fundraising phase for an amount of €1.5M.

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Omedom, the heritage and family app

In 2019, Coline Sinquin tries to help her mother cope with the management of the family real estate. And this obvious question arises: isn’t there a tool to dematerialize and centralize the piles of cash documents related to land? This is how Omedom was born in April 2021, an application intended for all owners to bring together and manage all of their real estate assets in complete safety, from the main and secondary residence, to rental investments held in their own name, in SCI …

After a beta version tested for a few months which made it possible to win the SeLoger/Sweet Immo Women’s Innovation Prize in November 2021, then to be validated to access the French Tech Seed, the application is officially launched with the general public in October 2022. Labeled Technological Innovation by IOT Valley, CEA and Bpifrance, the startup has so far raised more than 500,000 euros and already has 8 employees.

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Sezame: real estate leasing democratizes access to property

In vogue in the automotive sector, real estate leasing arrives on French soil under the impetus of young shoots like Sezame. Leasing is a rental option with option to buy that has already proven itself in the United States. For entrepreneurs whose profile makes it difficult to access loans, assets lacking a contribution, fixed-term or temporary contracts, Sezame provides a solution for obtaining credit, building up a contribution and becoming an owner in less than three years.

The three co-founders – Benjamin Hubert, Charles Ruelle and Clara Tairraz – relied on the regime of Rental-Accession already used in France by social housing players. Extended to the private residential market, leasing divides the stages of access to property: Sezame buys the property and each month, the tenant-buyer pays him a rent in which is included a savings base corresponding to the future contribution . This savings must be used to obtain a loan after three years to buy the home at a guaranteed price.

A relevant proposal at a time when interest rates are rising, when bank financing criteria are tightening and when the price of real estate has increased by 7.2% since January 2022 according to the latest Guy Hoquet barometer. Deployed for the moment in the West of France, the company launched this summer already has one million euros for the purchase of the first properties and should soon conclude its first fundraising.

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Square Sense, a platform serving the energy and financial performance of real estate

Created in 2018, Square Sense collects and analyzes all the data produced by the use of a building to optimize its environmental and financial performance. While the platform is aimed primarily at asset managers and developers, it also makes this data available to all stakeholders (from the owner to the tenant via the property manager) in an idea of ​​unprecedented transparency.

“Global warming, like the health crisis we have just gone through, is profoundly disrupting the real estate market and in particular that of office real estate and managed residential. Developers and asset managers need tools to help them in their investment choices and manage their projects in a more virtuous way. That’s what Square Sense allows them to do. We are extremely happy that this vision has convinced such prestigious investors as Nexity and BESIX RED”, comments Emmanuel Verhoosel, CEO of Square Sense.

Because the platform has just announced a fundraising of 3.5 million euros, carried out with Nexity, BESIX RED and private investors. This funding round will accelerate its commercial development in Europe, North America and Asia.

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The 10 startups to follow in PropTech in 2022