The 2021 Albert London Prize selection

The Albert Londres association announced, on Wednesday, September 29, the preselection of the Albert Londres 2021 prizes. As every year, the best works by journalists are divided into three categories: book prize, written press prize and audiovisual prize. Out of 19 applications received for the book prize, four books were selected. The 2021 winners will be announced on Monday, November 15 at 6 p.m., at the National Library of France.

Investigation Cop, a journalist infiltrated the police of the journalist Valentin Gendrot (Editions Goutte d’or) recounts the daily life of a police station in the 19e Parisian district, reputed to be sensitive. For two years, he infiltrated the police and recounts in his book the daily violence in this police station where the police make mistakes.

In his work the Serpents will come for you (Les Arènes Reporters), the journalist Emilienne Malfatto investigates the murder of Maritza, a mother of six who lived on a mountain farm in Colombia. She met her family and reconstructed her journey from which she shows the endemic violence that has plagued this country since the 1960s against a background of cocaine trafficking.

After his investigation the shame of the West (Tallandier), Antoine Mariotti tells how the fate of the Syrian conflict was sealed in Moscow, Tehran, Washington or Paris, between foreign leaders and secret services. The role of the Syrian opposition in exile and experts on Western public opinion is particularly scrutinized.

The duo Sebastien Philippe and Tomas Statius have co-written Toxic. (PUF – Disclose). Together they made an investigation into the real health and environmental consequences of the 193 nuclear tests carried out by France in the Pacific between 1966 and 1996.

The winners of the 2021 edition will be awarded the sum of 3,000 euros.

Selection of the 83rd Written Press Prize

  • Margaux Benn – Le Figaro
  • Zineb Dryef – M the magazine of the world
  • Wilson Fache – Liberation / Chat
  • Ghazal Golshiri Esfahani – The world
  • Caroline Hayek – The Orient By Day
  • Louis Imbert- The world
  • Josiane Kouagheu – The World Africa
  • Willy Le Devin – Release
  • Lena Mauger – XXI

Selection of the 37th Audiovisual Prize

  • Nicolas Ducrot – So as not to forget them (France 3, Babel doc – 66′)
  • Bryan Carter – The Roads of Discord (RTBF, Pokitin productions – 62′)
  • Alex Gohari and Léo Mattei – On the line, expelled from America (France 2, Public Sénat, Brotherfilms – 68′)
  • Jules Giraudat – Cartel project-Mexico, silence or death (France 5, Forbidden films – 73′)
  • Céline Rouzet – 140km west of paradise (BE cinema, Reboot films – 86′)
  • Solène Chalvon-Fioriti and Margaux Benn – Living in Taliban country (Arte, France24, Caravelle – 36′)

Last year, the reporter from World Allan Kaval won the prize for writing for his articles on “The Syrian hell“, published in October 2019. Sylvain Louvet and Ludovic Gaillard had been distinguished on the audiovisual side for Seven billion suspects and Cedric Gras won the book prize for Stalin’s Mountaineers (Stock).

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The 2021 Albert London Prize selection