The 2021 Medici Prize unveils its first selection

The jury unveiled its selection of 13 French novels, featuring renowned writers such as Christine Angot, Nina Bouraoui and Christophe Donner. Eleven authors make up the list of foreign novels.

The day after the first Goncourt Prize list, it is the Medici jury’s turn to reveal its first selection of back-to-school novels. This Wednesday, September 8, he unveiled his 13 French novels and 11 foreign novels.

The jury selected large (Flammarion, Lattès, Grasset) as well as smaller publishing houses (Exils, Le nouvelle Attila). Note that Acts Sud, Gallimard, Seuil and Albin Michel are all missing from this list. Among the selection of French novels are three POL authors: Santiago Amigorena for The first exile, Christine Montalbetti for What an existence is and Arthur Dreyfus for his Sex diary of a boy today, real olni of 2304 pages. Note that the first novelist Maud Ventura is present with My husband, published by L’Iconoclaste.

Two authors already in the running for the Goncourt prize are on this first list: Christine Angot for The trip to the east, published by Flammarion and Mohamed Mbougar Sarr for The secret memory of men, edited by Philippe Rey. Finally, it should be noted that among the foreign authors selected in the first selection of the Medici is the Scottish Douglas Stuart, already awarded the Booker Prize for his novel. Shuggie Bath, published by Globe.

Who will succeed Chloé Delaume, winner 2020 for Synthetic Heart (Threshold) and to the Spanish Antonio Muñoz Molina foreign winner 2020 for A lonely walker in the crowd, also published in Le Seuil? The second selections for the French and foreign novel will be announced, along with a list of essays, on October 6.

The complete list of French novels:

Santiago AMIGORENA, The first exile, POL

Christine ANGOT, The Journey to the East, Flammarion

Nina BOURAOUI, Satisfaction, Jean-Claude Lattès

Arthur DREYFUS, Sex Diary of a Boy Today, POL

Christophe DONNER, La France goy, Grasset

Kevin LAMBERT, You will love what you killed, The new Attila

Arrigo LESSANA, After the avalanche, Exiles

Héléna MARIENSKÉ, Almost all the women, Flammarion

Céline MINARD, Plasmas, Rivages

Christine MONTALBETTI, What is an existence, POL

Mohamed MBOUGAR SARR, The most secret memory of men, Philippe Rey

Maud VENTURA, My husband, The Iconoclast

Antoine WAUTERS, Mahmoud or the rising waters, Verdier

The complete list of foreign novels:

Ahmet ATLAN, Madame Hayat, translated from Turkish by Julien Lapeyre de Cabanes, Actes sud

Gabriela CABEZON CAMARA, The Adventures of China Iron, translated from Spanish (Argentina) by Guillaume Contré, L’Ogre

Jan CARSON, The Fire Launchers, translated from English (Northern Ireland) by Dominique Goy-Blanquet, Sabine Wespieser

Lucy FRICKE, Missed Opportunities, translated from German by Isabelle Liber, Le Quartanier

Gouzel IAKHINA, Children of the Volga, translated from Russian by Maud Mabillard, Noir sur Blanc

Robert JONES, JR., Les Prophètes, translated from English (United States) by David Fauquemberg, Grasset

Jonas HASSEN KHEMIRI, La clause paternelle, translated from Swedish by Marianne Ségol-Samoy, Actes Sud

Reinhardt KAISER-MÜHLECKER, Lilas rouge, translated from German (Austria) by Olivier Le Lay, Verdier

Leonardo PADURA, Poussières dans le vent, translated from Spanish (Cuba) by René Solis, Métailié

Douglas STUART, Shuggie Bain, translated from English (Scotland) by Charles Bonnot, Globe

Natasha TRETHEWEY, Memorial Drive, translated from English (United States) by Céline Leroy, L’Olivier

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The 2021 Medici Prize unveils its first selection