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Did you know that using your smartphone every day can pay off big? Indeed, many applications offer the remuneration of these users against certain simple tasks. If some of them are actually hiding scams, simply trying to steal your personal data without paying you anything in return. Others actually reward you after completing certain missions. If they won’t make you the next Elon Musk. However, these applications make it possible to make ends meet.

WeWardthe app that pays you to walk

If you like to stretch your legs. Well… this app is for you! If the benefits of walking on health are no longer to be proven. Know that it can also be beneficial for your wallet. The app WeWardcounts your every step and turns them into “wards” (application currency). To further increase your earnings, the app gives you certain missions like visiting certain places. Once you have reached a certain number of wards, you can then convert them into euros to obtain them by bank transfer, vouchers or gifts from partner brands. Certainly, with this app, you will not become a millionaire! But it will motivate you to walk more!

Be My Eyethe app that pays you to be a mystery shopper

The app Be My Eye offers missions that take place in stores near you. The application offers you to be a mystery shopper. The aim is to allow companies to get an idea of ​​how their brand is displayed in partner stores. Depending on the missions offered, all you have to do is take pictures of products or certain departments. And then answer some questions about the price or the layout of the department. Each mission brings in on average between 3 and 15 euros, depending on its complexity.

Foapthe app that pays you to take photos

What if you turned your photos into money. This is what the American application offers Foap. According to the requests of the partner companies, it offers you missions with photos to be carried out on various themes (nature, cars, etc.). You can then sell your photos between 5 and 10 euros. Some missions on various themes can earn you sums of up to 500 euros. It’s your turn !

Slide Joythe app pays you to unlock your phones

What if we told you that you can get paid to unlock a phone screen. This is what the SlideJoy application offers. Consider how much time we spend checking our phone each day. So if you are a real addict of your smartphone, this solution should please you. Each time you unlock your smartphone, you receive points. From 200 points, you can request to receive the money by Paypal or by bank transfer.

Igraalthe application that reimburses your online purchases

A true pillar in its field, Igraal is a cashback application. The principle is simple, once the application is downloaded, go through it for all your online purchases. You will receive after each purchase a refund of part of your shopping. Igraal is a partner with thousands of brands such as Sephora, or even Fnac, enough to find a shoe that suits you!


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The 5 apps that make it easy to fill your pockets – Grazia