The advantages of going on vacation in September

We are right in it: summer holidays. Some lucky ones have already left, others have their noses in their suitcases, and still others are watching their colleagues leave while desperately waiting their turn. With the school holidays, many people decide to leave in July or August. Spotting these two months to travel has become commonplace, even when you don’t have children. However, this is not the best time to treat yourself to a vacation. The right month? September. Let us reveal to you some advantages of go on vacation in september. Spoiler: you will never go back to a start in July.

10 advantages of going on vacation in September

While all your colleagues will be depressed to return from vacation, you, you will take your clicks and your clacs to escape from everyday life, and that, it makes you dream! But that’s not the only reason that will make you want to book your vacation in September, believe us.

Broken prices

As we know, in July and August, all prices increase considerably. Everyone wants to go on vacation, and the most popular destinations take advantage of this to inflate their prices. As the start of the school year rings, everyone goes home, and prices drop. For the same destination, prices can sometimes drop by more than half. Something to enjoy without breaking the bank.

Fewer tourists in September

Although being alone in July and August can be depressing, consider empty beaches and deserted streets for your pretty walks. While the tourists have taken the metro back to work, you will be climbing mountains, learning to surf in Bali, or sipping a cocktail by the pool.

An exceptional time

We tend to believe that to enjoy the summer sun, you absolutely have to leave in August. However, the sun does not leave on the 31st of the month. In September, it continues to dazzle us to make us live beautiful summer days.

Avoid extreme heat

Although the weather is still beautiful in September, the sweltering temperatures of August drop slightly. The sun remains, the unbearable heat, less. This allows us to fully experience our trip, without being disturbed by the heat wave.

Avoid back-to-school stress

If you don’t like to be in an atmosphere of permanent stress, leaving in September is for you. Because ? Back to school always means big rush, intensive times, and therefore a lot of stress. If you put your holidays at this time, you avoid all that. You will work in the calm of August, then take flight when the big periods return.

Seasonal workers in better shape

Hotel and restaurant professionals are often overwhelmed in July and August. They therefore generally have less time to pay attention to you, and to help you make the most of your stay. In September, they generally find a certain tranquility, which allows them to take time for you. You will therefore be able to exchange with them more easily to know all the small spots where you are.

Take advantage of summer holidays

The advantage of leaving in September is that you can take advantage of the public holidays in July and August, to treat yourself to short, relaxing weekends. As a result, the wait seems shorter. In September, there are no public holidays, and you can take advantage of your holidays to rest!

The next holidays are less far

If you plan to leave for the holiday season, by leaving in September, you will have less time to wait before your next vacation. On the contrary, if you leave in July or August, long months will pass before your next holidays, and you will have to hold on.

You will be the most tanned in the open space

Let it be said, what we love about summer holidays is coming home with a pretty tanned complexion. While all your colleagues will have lost their tan a few weeks after their return, you will look the best in the office. Shower of compliments on your radiant complexion, guaranteed.

No big plans needed

When you go in July or August, the holidays are often timed. You have to plan your activities in advance because of the crowd. In September, this problem does not exist. The influence being less important, you are sure to be able to find something to do, without booking weeks in advance.

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The advantages of going on vacation in September