The Blazers ended the season with a bang: 21 defeats in 23 games, heavy!

Two wins, 23 games. No, we are not talking about the Girondins de Bordeaux season but about the end of the Portland campaign. And then there, the tank was gleaming, luxurious, and even everything you want in fact.

Oh dear, what a downright creepy end to the Blazers season! Even EuroDisney’s ghost train is less of a jerk than the last two months of regular Portland, and for good reason: since the All-Star Break, Damian Lillard’s teammates have won just two (1+1) basketball games. Next, 21 defeats, including a good series of eleven losses to go on vacation. Pay for your cheerful atmosphere in Oregon, which has done everything to be in a preferential position during the Lottery which will award the selection order for the 2022 Draft. At the same time, the best solution to improve this Blazers team at a lower cost was to go through the recovery of a young and talented profile. So, to get such a rotten balance sheet, you still have to use certain techniques, and since we’re in YOLO mode on this end-of-regular day, we do it like a recipe.

To start, remove half of your main ingredient from the recipe, otherwise you won’t be able to extract the most subtle flavors from it. CJ McCollum, faithful friend and especially first companion of Damian Lillard, was indeed transferred to the Pelicans in February, logical since we remind you that the objective is to lose. Then put aside the rest of your main ingredient, because ultimately the recipe would be too tasty for our palates that do not deserve it. Dame DOLLA, operated on abs at the beginning of the year, announced at the beginning of March that he would not play again, but you will have understood that the boy can win matches on his own and that it is contrary to the program. Ah yes, also remove the condiments that accompanied your dish, because we will not waste beautiful spices for what will follow. Now that we’ve wiped the slate clean of the restaurant’s queen recipe, head to the local convenience store for a raid on all the same ingredients, but in a first-price version. At the end, you will obtain a list as surprising as it is indigestible: a five major Greg Brown III, CJ Elleby, Drew Eubanks, Keon Johnson, Brandon Williams. You don’t know half of these guys? Neither do we, but be careful, the mixture will surprise you: a quick blender, and we get a soup that is as indigestible as possible for our fan stomachs, but excellent for promoting rapid transit in the rankings. At the end of the 2021-22 fiscal year, the Blazers are thirteenth in the West, with 27 wins for 55 losses. No thanks for the meal, and see you next season.

If the Blazers were a restaurant, it would have been necessary to send Philippe Etchebest a long time ago to stick his nose in the business of the shop. Fortunately, we are talking about basketball and the Blazers had a valid reason to try to get an interesting pick in the Draft. Now, we can only wish them one thing, that the luck of the Lottery does things well!

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The Blazers ended the season with a bang: 21 defeats in 23 games, heavy!