The Celtics had slippery hands last night: 23 turnovers, it stings!

The Celtics believed it. Not far from recovering a deficit of 26 points, the C’s will unfortunately not have succeeded in concluding to grant themselves the victory. The fault was largely due to the loss of far too many balls, especially for Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. Inattention and lack of concentration have a price, it is that of defeat.

Hey Jaylen, take off the mittens!“. This is the phrase we would probably have said if we had been at TD Garden for tonight’s game, as Brown lacked confidence with the ball, especially during certain offensive initiatives. Moreover, the little pike tinged with humor also applies to his friend Jayson, since the two jewels had the misfortune this evening to compile a rather unfortunate number of bullet losses. Seven for Brown, six for Tatum, that’s thirteen out of the 23 in the band as a whole. So why ? Several things explain all this. On the one hand, the zone defense proposed by Erik Spoelstra has a major advantage: always in a floating situation on the opposite side of the game, the Heat players are automatically well placed to recover a ball thrown too softly. Followers of the game opposite the ball, seeking to unbalance the opponent to open the path of the arch at a lower cost, the Celtics jumped headfirst into the trap set by Miami. Second thing, this area made in South Beach is a hard block like a precious metal. Physically dominated from the start of the game, the Greens were forced to move away from the circle and therefore limit their movements so as not to step on each other. No need to draw a diagram, the smaller the space in which players are restricted, the less effort required to deflect passes. The Heat integrated it perfectly and it paid off. Small stat ‘by the way, it’s Boston’s seventh worst all-time performance in the Playoffs when looking at ball losses. You will tell us that it’s “only” seventh, but when you know the whole history of Beantown in the postseason since the 1950s, it’s still a very bad evening.

We told you about physical dominance useful for cutting passes, but it’s just as important when you have to get the balls directly into the opposing hands. Victor Oladipo in the lead, the men of the Heat were valiant and knew how to take advantage of the opportunities to go and put a big punch in the leather to get it out of the hands that possess it. The Celtics however attacked correctly in the second half if we except these turnovers, benefiting mainly from the incandescence of Jaylen Brown and the absence of Jimmy Butler who inevitably confused Miami. If for Jaylen, as we said, the contribution to scoring – 40 points – made it possible to qualify his bad evening in terms of lost balls, this is absolutely not the case for Jayson Tatum. 10 pawns, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, all at 3/14 shooting…yeah, there wasn’t much settled properly tonight for JT. In addition, the shoulder forced him to return to the locker room for a while during the last quarter, so that’s a nightmare game. It didn’t play out much, but Bam Adebayo’s clique scored 33 points on Boston’s ball losses, and the difference is mainly here. Without so much theft, the Heat wouldn’t have taken such a big lead and might have lost. But you know… with ifs, we put Paris in a bottle, the Lakers champions this season and Bordeaux in Ligue 1.

Having your head in the air is not a great quality, the Celtics learned that the hard way last night. Glue, adhesive paste, gloves with scratches… Ime Udoka can find what he wants, but his group must imperatively correct the situation before Game 4 so as not to see the hopes of qualifying for the NBA Finals go up in smoke.

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The Celtics had slippery hands last night: 23 turnovers, it stings!