The French start-up that offers an alternative to OTAs

The Hotel Intelligence (HI) start-up, which offers an alternative to OTAs by proposing a price alignment to restore distribution power to hoteliers by promoting Direct Booking.

The Hotel Intelligence (HI) start-up is rebalancing the relationship between hoteliers and OTA (Online Tourism Agency) to offer price alignment. Goal : restore the power of distribution to hoteliers by promoting reservations directly on the professional’s website (Direct Booking). This process becomes possible thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Hotel Intelligence solutions have a simplified implementation, with no installation costs or commitment and with remuneration calculated solely on the reservations made. The hotelier can thus significantly reduce the commissions paid to OTAs (between 15% and 25% in France) but also regain a direct relationship with customers and the ability to retain them.

The best rates displayed on the site to regain control

Hotel intelligence becomes a Direct Booking ally. It is optimized for customers, with a smart search engine. Plus, it’s an easy-to-use site. An artificial intelligence automatically offers a better offer than OTAs,’‘without any effort’.

Security also becomes an important criterion, since the site connects to the PMS, which is also PCI/RGPD certified.

AI and Machine Learning at the service of hoteliers

Hoteliers since the emergence of meta search have undeniably lost control of their distribution in the face of the supremacy of OTAs, holders of digital tools ensuring better visibility on the web and above all a price disparity which is very often favorable to them. HI allows hoteliers to develop their Direct Booking thanks to an optimized website and technology that manages price disparities, offering an automatic alignment capability.

HI puts artificial intelligence and Machine Learning at the service of hoteliers through its two flagship solutions:

The Booking Website – HI has developed technology to generate a turnkey and intuitive booking site, bringing together all the information for Direct Booking: reviews, photos, best price (generated according to OTA prices), real-time comparison , etc. The site is SEO optimized while being translated into 37 languages ​​and available in 51 currencies.

The Booking Button – For hoteliers wishing to keep their own site, HI offers a plug&sell widget, easy to install and equipped with the same technologies as the Booking Website.

These solutions are already appealing to nearly 200 establishments (guest houses, independent hotels and hotel groups) for a total of more than 8,000 rooms implemented.

A trusted start-up

More than 100 groups trust the start-up, such as the Suites de Sautet in France: We went from 100% turnover via an OTA, to 60% direct booking, thanks to our new website made by Hotel Intelligence. », but also Sirayane Boutique Hotel & Spa, in Morocco. They explain : “We have increased our direct bookings by 3 to 38%, which represents an annual commission savings for OTAs of more than €45,000. A must in today’s environment. »

Two adapted technologies

A Price Checker – Geolocates the visitor and identifies which device he uses to offer him a real-time price comparison with the OTAs and align the price response.

A Rate Match – Allows the display of all hotel offers available on the main OTAs and, in synergy with the Price Checker, an automatic price alignment of rooms, optimized for Direct Booking.

HI has developed solutions that integrate with the main hotel management tools (Ratetiger, Rezgain, D-Edge, etc.) A beneficial solution for hoteliers.

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The French start-up that offers an alternative to OTAs