The G League season has kicked off and Adam Mokoka is already posterizing people

For the past few days, the NBA G League has made a comeback. A collection of players who are trying to launch or relaunch a career in the Great League, the second floor of American basketball is still capable of offering us some great highlights. Here are the first of the season!

Before enjoying the NBA and its small world, it is good to take a look at its satellites and more particularly in the G League. This very special planet which can be a real springboard to reach the Grail of any basketball player. All these beautiful people get high every night in the hope of receiving this famous phone call that could change their lives. From the first matches, we were able to see some very nice actions and we start very gently with this murderous bomb thrown by Sam Merrill… the number one of the G League Draft this year. Oh there’s a Draft? Ok. Accustomed to garbage time from Milwaukee and Memphis in the last two seasons, the full-back spent pre-season with the Kings before making Cleveland happy in League 2. A buzzer beater that gives his team victory and a booster shot NBA franchises looking for award-winning shooting. Long shot lovers will also appreciate the action of Chris Clemons of the Windy City Bulls who does not need to be asked to draw 3 kilometers from the circle. But to reveal yourself, what better than a huge poster to knock on the door of the GMs of the big league? Adam Mokoka understood this well and from his first match, our Frenchie, who passed through the Bulls between 2019 and 2021, came and gave a huge hammer blow to Efe Abogidi’s noggin. It’s beautiful, it’s violent and it’s made in France… who gives him a super max contract?

In addition to inspiring Jayson Tatum, Mokoka has shown the way to some co-workers who have also decided to martyrize the circle and the adversary in between. This is the case of Jared Rodhen of the Skyhawks who slams his poster on the counterattack with the fault and above all a lot of luck, audacity is always rewarded. Be careful not to feel your wings grow, some defenders are not there to suffer, but rather to swing pancakes at altitude. For the class action award, he goes straight to the Austin Spurs – no wonder – with a double tap surely imagined by Gregg Popovich. From attack to defence, there is something for everyone, so Ligue 2 is capable of producing some very spicy action. Besides these highlights, the G League will also be an opportunity to see Jahlil Okafor attempt yet another return to business. The former number three in the 2015 Draft is under contract with the Mexico City Captains.

Bombs, posters, huge pancakes… the G League also offers its share of spectacular actions. Unknown or looking for a new chance, it doesn’t matter, the players in the antechamber have only one goal in mind, that of shining to go up to the upper floor. The motivation is there and it offers us highlights nice way to start the week!

Text source: OKC Blue, NBA G-League.

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The G League season has kicked off and Adam Mokoka is already posterizing people