The Grizzlies join the race for Kevin Durant!

On this Monday, Shams Charania returned from his weekend with a basket filled with burning information, including the Kevin Durant attempt by the Grizzlies. It was enough to stir up a very flat start to the week. Plowing, dissection and turning-boulage, when information like this falls, it should be analyzed from all angles, even if it means detecting some of them.

I see two, three or four different Hall of Famers in his game. ofIverson to Michael Jordan, via Westbrook or D-Rose when he goes up the field. His ‘floater’ is among the best in history “. On March 22, 2022, Kevin Durant and his Nets are preparing to travel to Tennessee to try, less than a month from the Playoffs, to fall Ja Morant’s Grizzlies. The day before this meeting, a journalist asks KD about the recent performances of the young All-Star. The leader of the Nets then sees the opportunity to praise the 23-year-old leader by chaining daring comparisons: the just recognition – although a little daring – of a season that few predicted for him. Five months later, kiloliters of water have flowed under the bridge, so much so that Ja Morant and KD could play together next season. What happened ? We will not redo the main lines of this soap opera, which began far too early to allow a recontextualization. The library of your village is also available to tell you about the main axes. We limit ourselves to news as fresh as a Hollywood chewing gum out of a sausage rougail: this Monday, Shams Charania announced the arrival of the Grizzlies among the suitors of Kevin Durant. The Bucks and the Nuggets would have inquired with the Nets this summer to “evaluate the price” of the douzuple All-Star. It’s been several months since the package Brooklyn demanded in exchange for Kevin Durant was made public, including an All-Star, other top players and draft picks. The Celtics gave it a shot by offering Jaylen Brown, Derrick White and a first-rounder, to no avail. It is apparently not enough to meet the given requirements for the Nets to fuck KD in a Colissimo. The proposed names must sparkle/embody the future of the NBA while allowing the Nets to get off to a good start as their next five rounds of picks belong to Houston. A difficult equation to think about for both parties.

You read correctly : “sources say Grizzlies won’t release Jaren Jackson Jr. or Desmond Bane”. A hell of a paradox with the previous info, like what Memphis would have a chance in the Kevin Durant soap opera. We do not even mention Ja Morant, untransferable from A to Z, and who could not even land in Brooklyn as long as Ben Simmons is there. How come? It’s the fault of the Designated Rookie Extension, an asterisk on the contract that we explain to you right HERE. Therefore, the Grizzlies have “only” five first rounds of picks left, a big Dillon Brooks, a smaller Tyus Jones and youngsters like Ziaire Williams, Brandon Clarke, Kennedy Chandler and David Roddy. Not sure that Sean Marks is sensitive to these last blazes which seem generated following a too advanced Football Manager career, like until 2054. It is therefore the first five rounds that we will retain as a potential counterpart. They would allow Brooklyn to recover on the next draft, without regretting having all tèj in Houston to build a dynasty around James Harden, already gone, and his two friends, on the start. A “Kevin Durant in Memphis” feasibility note? A slight 4.75/10, because it still lacks a big name to include in the envelope.

It’s hard to deny the marketing ecstasy that Kevin Durant’s arrival in Memphis would cause. It is also difficult to propel this marriage among the most likely outcomes of this soap opera. We love Shams Charania huh, but the counterpart is – in our opinion – a light so-so to hope to attract one of the best attackers in history.

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The Grizzlies join the race for Kevin Durant!