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How to improve the general Booking score of your hotel or tourist establishment ? Naturally, the stay experience and the quality of the services provided will strongly influence the overall rating left by customers. Among the services offered, WiFi today represents a major challenge in the hotel industry.

The overall score is not an average of the evaluation of the different criteria

Since 2019, on Booking, the overall score given by customers no longer corresponds to the average of the scores assigned to the different categories: cleanliness, comfort, value for money, location, staff, free WiFi, etc. It is now a rating in its own right, so that customers can best rate their experience.

Booking explains this choice as follows: From now on, the customers choose themselves the note which they wish to attribute to their overall experience within your establishment. Several factors explain this change. First of all, some specific categories, like location, are not directly up to you. In addition, some aspects, such as breakfast and noise, which are equally important to customers, are not covered by these categories.

This is the reason why we can see discrepancies between the overall score and the category average. In the following example, for the Sofitel Golfe d’Ajaccio Thalassa Sea & Spa (Wifirst customer), the average of the 7 categories is 8.7. The overall score is 8.4/10.


But then, can a hotel neglect its WiFi rating? ?

Of course not ! Neglecting your WiFi rating is tantamount to neglecting your WiFi network, which plays an essential role in the customer experience.

At Wifirst, in addition to a quality WiFi connection, we offer new services in line with travellers’ expectations, such as Chromecast, for example. An innovative, even essential service when you know that 75 % of French people watch replay programs (86 % among 18-34 year olds). And then, the most picky, the most curious or the most demanding customers will pay attention to all the notes. And it is clear that a bad WiFi rating can have an impact on the reservation of a room in your hotel. As is the case with the following establishment in Méribel, which also does not benefit from Wifirst services.


Even if once again the 2 ratings are not mathematically correlated, there is no doubt that the overall rating would be better with a good WiFi service.

You earn 0.47 points with Wifirst

In December 2021, our teams carried out a study of 3194 hotels in France. By cross-referencing the data with the Wifirst customer base, we note a very clear and unequivocal correlation between the hotel’s WiFi Booking rating and the WiFi provider. On average, a hotel covered by Wifirst has a WiFi score that is 0.47 points higher than hotels equipped by other suppliers.

WiFi today represents a real commercial issue, which deserves to be treated with the same care as other essential hotel services (bedding or a quality catering service, for example). L’Wifirst offer makes it stand out from its competitors thanks to managed Wi-Fi offering quality services: secure Wi-Fi “like at home” for customers and multi-service Wi-Fi to accelerate digital transformation and facilitate the work of employees, their allowing them to focus on their core business.

We’ve been investing in the quality of our networks for 20 years and we’ve been repeating it. But there is nothing better than neutral, intangible proof to showcase our WiFi as a Service solutions.

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The impact of the quality of WiFi on the Booking rating – TendanceHotellerie