The Jazz are open to a transfer from Donovan Mitchell!

Donovan Mitchell, soon under another tunic than that of Jazz? Wow, that would still be weird. However, it is in this direction that the last statements of Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN go. The Salt Lake City franchise would now be open to exchange proposals for its star even if, as we can imagine, securing the services of Dodo may not be free. The Knicks have already started discussions.

It was one of the topics of conversation in Utah, which we already mentioned a few days ago here. Will leave, will not leave? In any case, Donovan Mitchell was for Justin Zalik a “very important” piece of the Jazz project. Finally, he explained at the same time that change was not impossible…” it’s yes or it’s no” as a Belgian singer with blond hair would say. All the same, it would seem that at the end of the fair, it was still the yes that won. In any case, this is what Adrian Wojnarowski reports from ESPN. If this decision seems to seal the will of Utah to go towards a reconstruction, it is above all and above all that which will put an end to the project started with Rudy Gobert then Donovan Mitchell. It’s a page that closes in Utah, a page that speaks of sometimes exceptional basketball, at other times a little less good. There are not months left to get an average, these last years at the Grand Lac Salé have never been synonymous with anything other than the Playoffs. This team has never been able to pass the stage of the Conference semi-finals in six consecutive postseason campaigns. We are not going to defend this fact, but we must admit that playing in the East at the same time as the Warriors of Steph Curry and the Rockets of James Harden, it was not a gift either.

So what’s the plan now that Donovan is officially on the potential transfer list? So, a lot will have to follow, but let’s take it step by step. First, it will be about being able to get the most out of an exchange. There remain four years of contract with the Miche, of which a last in player option. In total ? 134.9 million dollars, so immediately fewer candidates to host it. Why ? Well, many teams will not have the means to integrate such a salary into their payroll. However, the Knicks have already planned to send an offer to the office of Danny Ainge, the general manager of Jazz. The information comes from Tony Jones, insider for The Athletic. He says the price for Donovan will be very high, but that’s only a “half surprise” given the talent we’re talking about. New York is one of the teams capable of sending a sufficient counterpart, and would at the same time be interested in adding such a player to its workforce. Of course, this is the first team interested but why not imagine that others will follow in the coming days. In any case, it will be necessary to let go of the Draft turn to hope to recover Spida.

The end of an era in Utah. With the transfer of the cornerstone of the project since 2017, the Jazz should attack a new phase in its history, namely the reconstruction of a competitive workforce to get a ring that is still missing in the history of this franchise. Donovan Mitchell will not be there for nothing, because his possible transfer will perhaps bring the next jewel of the team via the Draft, who knows?

Source: ESPN, The Athletic via Twitter @TonyJones

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The Jazz are open to a transfer from Donovan Mitchell!