The NBA will introduce a new rule for counterattack fouls

This was the main refereeing development in the NBA’s plans, and it will now be officially implemented for the 2022-23 season. Referees will now have the right to whistle players voluntarily stopping a counterattack so as not to give an easy basket. The price to pay will also be a good deterrent, since the victim team will get a throw and the possession that follows.

Notice to players instantly frustrated when losing the ball: we know some good meditation and yoga tips to help you relax. Why do we say that? Because if the latter are too chafouins and try to stop the defender responsible for the loss of the ball while the latter is rushing full ball towards the basket, it could be expensive. The tarot? A throw and possession. If it was previously considered smart to stop a counter-attack – especially at the end of the match – to avoid conceding an easy basket and allow his defense to recover, this is no longer the case. As you will have understood, the objective is on the one hand to fill what law students would call a “legal vacuum” by penalizing something which until now was not penalized at the right cost. Indeed, if the player guilty of the foul was not the last defender, then a classic body foul was called. The other reason? Favor the show a little, since the loss of ball is often the occasion to slam a good big dunk of the families and to raise the temperature in the room.

This rule has been in the texts of the G-League since 2018 and was tested semi-life size in the Summer League this week. More proof that the NBA antechamber is useful in many ways. We can already imagine the importance of such a novelty during the next Playoffs, in the very tense moment when a team loses the ball. Of course, it works for players who are susceptible to arrest. A LeBron James, an Embiid or a Giannis launched full throttle towards the basket? Either we push each other, or we pass the weapon to the left. Innovation is still welcome, and might have stopped Robert Horry from hitting Steve Nash in 2007 if it had been thought of a little earlier. The fact remains that the referees will now have until the start of the school year to adapt to this new law of the game, so the whistle will be out this summer. It will also be up to them to determine whether it is such a fault or a lawful interruption.

Another innovation in the rules of the NBA, but an innovation that is clearly going in the right direction. Basketball is above all a game, and the priority must go to the game. It must not go, as is the case today, in the direction of a frustrated attacker because he has just had his ball.

Source: ESPN

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The NBA will introduce a new rule for counterattack fouls