The new eco: Beach Booker, the site to book your deckchair on a private beach this summer

No need to make fifteen phone calls to reserve your deckchair on a private beach in the Hérault or on the Mediterranean coast this summer. the Beach Booker website was launched in May 2022. It allows you to see in real time the number of deckchairs per hut and reserve your place in the sun in advance. The site is accessible free of charge. The user pays a commission of 1.50 euros per booking for this service.

Interview with Philippe Lécouvé, president of Beach Booker.

This deckchair reservation site, is it because you were tired of having to call several straw huts before you can reserve your place in the sun?

In fact, that is exactly the goal. The creation of Beach Booker starts from this principle. Not that I, all consumers, have great difficulty in being able to reserve deckchairs on private beaches.

The beachgoers are in high demand. So we decided to create this platform that allows consumers to have a deckchair online.

How is Beach Booker more convenient to book than by phone, for example?

Beach Booker is going to be much more convenient for consumers. Already because we will be able book in advance 24 hours a day. You have direct access to it on this platform. You can already schedule reservations for several weeks, several months. So that is still a facility for the user.

On the other hand, for the professional part, it is also to allow them to optimize their agenda. The uniqueness of Beach Booker is that it is a platform that is directly coupled with the website, so everything is in real time.

In real time, ie if I want to go to a private beach in Hérault, at La Grande-Motte for example. If I want to take a deckchair in a hut, I see in real time how many places I have left to go on the date that suits me?

Absolutely. You take the example of La Grande-Motte. It is a very good example. You have the Cozy Beach with which we collaborate. You have directly in real situation, on the site, the number of deckchairs available. The consumer does not need to call all ranges. He will instantly see the number of deckchairs in real time.

Why did you create this site? To meet a demand from beachgoers or consumers?

I think that initially the first objective was for the consumer. That is to say that we have positioned ourselves as consumers. It is true that it was an obstacle course. The second objective which was the first, paradoxically, is that we created the software part directly for professionals. And there the objective was quite simply to bring them to the digital transformation.

We know there is a real need. This software is a dashboard that allows professionals to monitor all reservations in real time. This is something that is a plus for these beach restaurateurs. It is a dematerialized paper diary that is transformed into digital.

The Beach Booker site is free, but the user must pay a commission of 1.50 euros per deckchair reservation. Is this the price for no longer worrying about it?

It is the price of the promise, indeed. Just like when you order a hamburger to be delivered to your home, you pay a service charge. It’s the same for our site. It is quite simply all the software that we make available for professionals. It is our economic model which is only based on consumers.

Can we book a deckchair in the Hérault, but also elsewhere?

Beach Booker offers partner beaches, from Monaco to Banyuls-sur-Mer. On the entire Mediterranean coast. We are progressing gradually with a certain number of private beaches.

To book your deckchair on a private beach, go to the website of Beach Booker.

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The new eco: Beach Booker, the site to book your deckchair on a private beach this summer