This 29-year-old Parisian has just launched a new travel site, which wants to favor quality over quantity.

With a master’s degree in business school, a year spent in Australia working for a group that owns around fifty hotels and restaurants in Sydney, then three years in a Parisian tax firm, Fannie James had the idea of ​​creating a trip that resembles him: Enjkey. “Tired of wasting endless time looking for a hotel for the weekend, the idea came naturally: a catalog of hotels and guest houses handpicked according to the decoration, the uniqueness of the place and a experience at the right price, and all that classified by travel time from its departure address », she explains. The promise ? Allow us to escape to a quality place: renovated farmhouse, lakeside cabin, mountain chalet…

What is the first website you visit in the morning? Instagram, like many of us I think! It’s a new somewhat sterile reflex because I often don’t have my eyes wide open yet to capture the ton of photos that I scroll through…

What is the campaign or operation on social networks that has marked you the most in recent months? Certainly #metoo and the feminist movement that followed.

What annoys you the most on social media? The voyeuristic and anonymous side.

Do you manage to disconnect (a little) at the weekend or during the holidays? Frankly not really, the only time I disconnect is when I have no more battery and fortunately that happens to me often!

The three Instagram or Twitter accounts you like to follow? @weekend______ for their inspiring feed and their t-shirts too, because I like flowers and @tapeonme because it’s stupid and very funny!

If you have the choice, are you more of a paper book or an e-reader/tablet? Paper, to put my bookmark on.

The personality with whom you like/would like to exchange on Twitter? I’m up for chatting with Jeff Bezos (the founder of Amazon), just like that to chat a little.

Which digital start-up would benefit from being known? Too Good To Goan extremely well-made and meaningful anti-food waste app.

Who do you think is the most influential digital girl of the moment? @Badgalriri of course.

A good idea on digital to sting abroad? the mobile payment which is slowly arriving in France, I think it’s great but I who often run out of battery, not sure it’s so cool…!

The project you are working on at the moment? No surprise on Enjkey! Launched just three months ago, there are 1,000 things to develop and it’s very exciting. In addition to sourcing new addresses, we are working with Louis, my partner, on future improvements. We want to offer an interface for hosts and travelers to exchange directly on the platform and thus facilitate the experience as much as possible. All this to make booking your next weekend or stay even easier!

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This 29-year-old Parisian has just launched a new travel site, which wants to favor quality over quantity.