This European destination close to Brussels will give you the impression of being in the Maldives

You don’t always have to go far to get a change of scenery, discover the world and totally disconnect. the staycation convinced more than one during the crisis – this trend of traveling closer to home – to such an extent that our travel habits have now been impacted. No more questions of going to the other side of the world and exploding your environmental record by taking a plane, it’s time for sobriety at all levels and reviewing your way of traveling is one of the number one priorities. There is no question, however, of depriving ourselves of travel: after two years of pandemic, we need to recharge our batteries more than ever and travel undoubtedly allows us to access a state of ultimate relaxation. But then, where should we go without our ecological impact making us feel too guilty?

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disenchanted paradise

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If you dream of long stretches of white sand and blue lagoons as far as the eye can see, you will probably think directly of the Maldives. With its 8,256 kilometers that separate this archipelago located off the Indian Ocean and its 10h30 direct flight from Brussels, this destination is however far from being unanimous with environmentalists and those who want a little time to respect their commitments. towards the planet. Because in addition to being a distant destination, behind the scenes of this paradise island puts off more than one, in particular because of the poor management of waste which has earned it the nickname of “trash” island in recent decades.

The jewel of the Adriatic

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What if we told you that it is possible to take in the view and benefit from the assets of the Maldives without leaving Europe? Do you find it hard to believe? On Tik-Tok and Instagram, however, a destination is all the rage: it is Albania, located on the Balkan peninsula in southeastern Europe. Located 2136 kilometers from our capital, Albania then appears as an ideal compromise for those in search of large paradisiacal spaces. On social networks, it now benefits from the nickname of “Maldives of Europe”.

It is especially the seaside resort Ksamil, located in the south of the country, which attracts for its stretches of water as far as the eye can see. Its beach is also considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. Because the Albanian Riviera is much more than 100 km of coastline, it is also hidden coves and breathtaking archaeological sites. For some time now, Ksamil has naturally become the place-to-be and many luxury hotels reminiscent of those in the Maldives have appeared. One of the hottest spots? Undoubtedly the Pema e Thate beach, with its canopied beach beds overlooking the sea.

If the destination seduces internet users so much, it is also for its much more affordable price than the Maldives; for a week’s holiday at the hotel, count on average €1,043 for two people compared to €2,718 for an equivalent stay in the Maldives according to the estimates of enough to make great savings on your vacation budget without suffering jet lag. So, what are we waiting for to book?

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This European destination close to Brussels will give you the impression of being in the Maldives