This Wednesday, Trae Young finds his favorite garden in New York

Trae Young’s visit to Madison Square Garden is always a special moment. Each year, the New York arena turns into a furnace to hate in unison the half-bald Hawks. Behind this almost visceral hatred, a series of Playoffs, a crazy crowd, a mayoral candidacy and much more.

Tonight, it’s not a bat that will light up the skies of Gotham City, but a balding Falcon. When Trae Young arrives in New York, first everyone changes the sidewalk, but then the names of birds and rotten fruit rain down on all sides. This is the price to pay for ice trae who has plagued the Knicks for the past several years. The villain of the Big Apple is him, and Madison Square Garden wants to remind him every time the bird from Atlanta sets foot there. After a devilish start to the season where he set NBA defenses on fire, the Texas native took quite a cold snap up north for Halloween night. Defeat at the Raptors and a very frightening line of stats at the level of the shoot with a small 3/14 of the families. So what better way to rise from the ashes than a little walk around your favorite garden and of a city of which he could have been the mayor. Trae Young at Madison Square Garden is nine career games for an average of 27 points, four wins and a bronca that exceeds the authorized decibel standard. Obviously, everyone remembers his performances during the first round of the 2021 Playoffs where he averaged 32 points, 8.6 assists and 4 rebounds in three New York outings to afford twice the keys to the city. .

The foundations of this special relationship were laid and since then ice trae takes pleasure in maintaining his legend, like his only outing to Madison Square Garden last year. Let’s talk little, let’s talk well, it was simply carnage, 45 pawns, 8 offerings, 7 parking lot bombs, a private dance lesson at Taj Gibson and a 117-111 victory to the boos of the spectators. As you will have understood, when the leader sets foot on the floor of his room, there is always something going on and that is why tonight’s match must attract all eyes. The two teams are hot on their heels and Atlanta – 4 wins, 1 loss – only has one more success than Evan Fournier and his friends. Vavane and Trae Young will face each other in a necessarily capillary duel, but it is above all the direct opposition between the Hawks player and Jalen Brunson who could offer us some very good sequences. Imagine the reaction of Madison Square Garden if public enemy number one hassle with the newly arrived darling. It should quite simply be the synopsis of a film and so as not to miss the preview, we meet at 12:30 a.m. in uniform… naughty or nice, take your pick!

We could make the sauce rise for hours because the relationship between Trae Young and New York is so special. The hatred is very present and the wicked goofy Trae seems to take malicious pleasure in maintaining it. New episode of the saga tonight!

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This Wednesday, Trae Young finds his favorite garden in New York