TJ Parker in the staff of the Bucks for the Summer League: cocorico!

Here is some nice news to brighten up an already sunny Sunday morning. TJ Parker, Tony’s brother and above all ASVEL coach, has been integrated into the Bucks staff for the Las Vegas Summer League, which will begin on July 7. Double champion of France in title with Lyon, he will put all his knowledge of the game at the service of a young workforce and especially composed of three Frenchmen. It’s going to eat baguettes and camembert at the Daims.

The season is not over for the brother of TP. A title with ASVEL? Of course we’re having a party, but don’t miss the plane. Why ? Because it’s bound for Milwaukee. Wisconsin, a beautiful wooded region of the United States coughed coughed we understood, but the time has not come to pay cruises at the special tourist price on Lake Michigan. No, TJ is traveling to the States to talk tactics. He will be an integral part of the Bucks’ coaching staff for the Las Vegas Summer League, which begins next Thursday. He entrusted it to the Moscato Show from June 30th. The goal? Gaining experience, getting noticed by the permanent staff members of certain franchises… Because yes – for those who are wondering – the Summer League is not only dedicated to getting players noticed. The staffs of the participating teams also welcome a host of tacticians from all over the basketball world. At the same time, we are not going to tell Steve Kerr to come back from his vacation in Phuket to coach Paul the plumber and his cousin Charlie the carpenter. To supervise these ephemeral groups of young people, it is therefore possible to offer short contracts for the staff.

So what is TJ’s goal? Well, as said above, it is in the first instance to make a name for yourself, to get noticed. If his brother has a dream of being an NBA franchise owner, Tiji’s is to be permanently on a bench for a Great League team. In any case, to be a Zétazunis coach. And so, to be a coach in the US, nothing better than going to show up in the US… it seems logical. Second goal? Let’s not forget that at present, Mr. Parker is still ASVEL’s coach, and that he has been extended by the brother. Not impossible that the coach tries to bring back a player in his luggage to expand his workforce next season. It should also be noted that he will be at the helm of three Frenchmen: Sylvain Francisco, Evans Ganapamo and Hugo Besson. When you know the links between Tony Parker and Milwaukee through the Antetokounmpo family, it’s not impossible to imagine a Hugo in the ranks of Lyon next season alongside Nando de Colo. In any case, all this could be very fun to watch so be there!

France in the United States, episode 4936. This time, it’s the science of coaching’s turn to croak and celebrate its representative for a brief moment of summer. A short moment of course, but a moment that can – you never know – offer a great career opportunity later.

Source: RMC Sports

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TJ Parker in the staff of the Bucks for the Summer League: cocorico!