TPMP People: the son of Benjamin Castaldi clashed by the chroniclers!

In TPMP People, several columnists did not hesitate to tackle the son of Benjamin Castaldi, Simon Castaldi, after his remarks!

A few days ago, Simon Castaldi mentioned . And the least we can say is that he was not very kind to his father’s ex-wife, Benjamin Castaldi (TPMP).

Simon Castaldi not tender with the ex of Benjamin Castaldi (TPMP)

In an interview with Jordan De Luxe, Simon Castaldi was asked about the links he has with Flavie Flament. As a reminder, the latter had a Benjamin Castaldi (TPMP).

One thing is certain, Simon Castaldi still holds a certain resentment towards the ex of Benjamin Castaldi (TPMP). And for good reason, he revealed: ” I am very close to my little brother Enzo. We’re four years apart.”.

Before adding: “So sometimes I went to see her at her house. I don’t call her every four mornings and I see her very little. The reports suck, there is nothing. It’s not not my mom anyway.

Simon Castaldi continued: “It’s just my former mother-in-law. Deep inside me, I would always have the image of the couple breaker. I have the image of the woman for whom my father left my mother”.

The son of Benjamin Castaldi (TPMP) lamented: ” There are always this little trauma. Even if I have no problem with Flavie and I wish her all the happiness in the world”.

The darling from Adixia also added about his mother: “She was thirty years old, was married, had two children… You get dumped overnight, with no real explanation. And you realize that he is with Flavie Flament”.

“He does everything to make up for lost time”

This Saturday, June 25, Matthieu Delormeau decided to return to the words of Simon Castaldi in TPMP People. If they mentioned his remarks to Flavie Flament, they also regret.

And for good reason, the young man did not show tenderness towards his father. The columnists of TPMP People do not appreciate that Simon Castaldi has mentioned the absence of Benjamin Castaldi in his childhood.

They then defended the principal concerned on the subject. For his part, Jean Michel Maire confessed: “It touches me because he says it’s a little too late when he does everything to make up for lost time.

For his part, Laurent Fontaine did not hesitate to clash the son of Benjamin Castaldi in TPMP People. And for good reason, he accused the latter of want to make the buzz at all costs. Especially with his arrival in reality TV.

He also mentioned the fact that Simon Castaldi had a big bad buzz after the story of a booking. The columnist of Touche not at my post (TPMP) still defended his son despite the bad comments.

One thing is certain, the reality TV candidate is not very well seen on the C8 show. It’s not the first time he’s been caught the wrath of many chroniclers. It remains to be seen whether the young man will decide to speak. Case to follow!

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TPMP People: the son of Benjamin Castaldi clashed by the chroniclers!