Trade Republic is reinventing split investing!

( — Trade Republic, the largest savings platform in Europe, continues to deploy concrete solutions to carry out its mission: to make investment accessible to all.
The European leader in brokerage now allows its clients to buy a real fractional share or ETF. This makes it possible to invest according to an amount and not a number of securities.

With split investing, Trade Republic users can now invest in any stock, regardless of their budget. This strengthens their ability to diversify their portfolio and access all the assets they want.

Fractional investing at Trade Republic does not use derivatives and allows genuine ownership of fractional shares under the same price conditions and spreads as traditional investing.

“With fractional investing, we continue to democratize the creation of wealth through investment. This allows all budgets to benefit from the fruits of business success at very high share prices such as Tesla, Adyen or Booking for example “says Christian Hecker, co-founder of Trade Republic. “With a sometimes very high unit price of shares, many people think that they do not have enough means to invest. With fractional investing, we will change this and make investing even more accessible to everyone. Our clients can now buy any stock with their budget, whatever it may be.”

Diversification first

Split investing allows individual savers to diversify their portfolio without exceeding their investment budget. By being forced to invest in entire units of shares or ETFs, individuals sometimes have to put all their eggs in one basket, which increases the risk taken. From now on, savers can invest in fractional shares and diversify their portfolio in a finer way.

“Split investing is a very strong innovation for Europeans. The notion of shares is a legacy from the past, but in the digital age, individuals expect to be able to invest in a portion of an asset” adds Marsel Nikaj, Product Director at Trade Republic. “We have successfully combined the benefits of fractional investing with the reliability of equity markets. Clients who invest fractionally at Trade Republic are legally owners of their fractional share and are fairly eligible for the dividend. And this under the same execution conditions as for full shares.
Making fractional investment accessible in real time was a real technological challenge and we have invested a lot in this subject, at the service of our customers.”

With the introduction of fractional investing, Trade Republic innovates once again and pushes the traditional limits of the European financial ecosystem…

Trade Republic is not only the first savings player to offer this fractional investment service in Europe, but also one of the first companies to offer fractional, one-off or scheduled investment in shares on a single platform, a large range of ETFs, cryptos and exchange products, with the solidity of an investment company regulated in Germany and the ease of use of a new generation broker.

Trade Republic now offers this service to more than 280 million Europeans in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria and the Netherlands.

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Trade Republic is reinventing split investing!