Travel: discover 4 tips to save money when booking your hotel

Between plane tickets, train tickets, accommodation, cultural outings or discovery activities, our holiday budget is often put to the test. All means are therefore good to save money during our trip! Today, discover 4 effective, even unstoppable tips and tricks listed by to book your hotel cheaper.

Get away from the crowds and the city center!

This is not new, the closer you get to the city center, the higher the prices go. And even if the holidays rhyme with exuberance, they also rhyme with tranquility! For this, we get away from the crowds and the noise of the city center and we prefer hotels a little out of the way. Indeed, very popular with holidaymakers for both short and long stays, hotels located in the heart of a city are also the most expensive, as they are more practical. Only, to save money on your accommodation, do not hesitate to turn to more typical and less touristy hotels located in areas where there is less accommodation. ” The price of overnight stays in hotels is generally set according to the comfort and services offered by the hotel, but also according to the prices of competitors already established. Thus, if you move away from the city centers, which are often saturated with hotels, you may be able to find cheaper nights than in the center “, specifies

Book hotels last minute

Do you like risk and savings and you live from day to day? Then last minute reservations are made for you. Many online sites, such as As a Guest offer advantageous offers that will seduce the most adventurous. These discounted prices are generally sold off by hotels that have free rooms for the same day in order to “run empty”.

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Go out of season

This is surely one of the most valuable tips. If you have the possibility, prefer a trip out of season and outside the school holiday period because it is then that there are more people. On top of that, the prices are more “ Many hotel establishments have understood the vein, and set up seasonal pricing, offering preferential rates during the low season. “, adds Fewer crowds means more chances to get exclusive perks that aren’t available during peak season. So up for a trip to the sun at low prices?

Contact hotels directly to avoid paying commissions

When booking, many of us naturally go to online booking sites like, Trivago or even Expedia. If this allows us to save money, it is not yet. For all reservations, commissions apply at the customer’s expense. To avoid this, it is strongly advised to book directly with the hotels by calling them. A trick ” win-win “which allows the hotel” to save the commission paid to the platform and can offer its client a preferential rate “.

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Travel: discover 4 tips to save money when booking your hotel