Travel sites: our selection of the best!

The flight, the hotel, the activities, whatever trip you decide to make, you have to organize it well. One of the most used tools for prepare a trip, these are the travel sites. These travel websites allow you to find a flight and a place to sleep, according to your budget and many other things. Every day, thousands of people use these sites to do their programming and anyone looking to go through these kind of sites demands to do it on the best! Discover the best travel websites through this article!

The best travel sites!

For a while now, organize a trip has become child’s play. Whatever the destination we have chosen, these sites can offer us all kinds of offers, with very attractive prices. Of all the travel sites that exist, there are platforms that are particularly practical for organizing a trip. Concerning the best travel websites Francewe obviously have

last minute

The Last Minute site is, as its name suggests, a site specializing in the organization of trips of last minute. The purpose of this site is to offer its users last minute trips at reasonable prices. You can choose between an all-inclusive formula, a flight or accommodation in a hotel room. You can find ads for tours, short trips or wellness stays.

The platform itself is easy to use and intuitive, you can even find private sales and travel promotions long distance. However, it can be criticized for having long reimbursement times, in addition, customer service is not always responsive.


Expedia is a site that allows you to find all kinds of travel packages as well as cruises. With the 200,000 partner hotel establishments on this site, it is very easy to find a place to spend your nights. You can choose your establishments according to your preferences, and even schedule your activities in advance.

By creating an account, you can get a discount 10% on services offered by the site, and even have nights at the hotel at half price. Expedia also undertakes to reimburse its users if they manage to find better prices on a competing site. On the contrary, the order tracking leaves a little to be desired.


Booking is theone of the best sites to make hotel reservations. More than 30 million accommodations in 230 different countries can be found on this site. With some information about the flight, the destination and your preferences, Booking will be able to find you accommodation with everything you want. Most of these hotel rooms are described in great detail on the site, so it’s hard to go wrong! We can still criticize this site that the number of offers decreases during the tourist seasons.


In terms of flight comparators, it is difficult to do better than Opodo. This site is a very good flight comparator and offers flights according to demand and at good prices. Thanks to the telephone assistance offered by this platform, you can make your flight reservation, even if you don’t know how to use a travel site. Opodo also offers all-inclusive packages, namely hotel, flight and car and sometimes with discounts. The only problem is that you have to pay 50 euros per month for the premium rate.

Why use a travel site?

Organizing a trip alone is not really easy to do, it’s true that you can save a lot of money like that, but it’s still complicated to do. The websites of trips are very practical tools to plan a trip from A to Z. There are several reasons why using a travel site is rather a good idea:

  • you can find all sorts of cheap hotel and hostel offers there;
  • it is possible to organize a trip at the last minute;
  • plane tickets can be cheaper;
  • finding promos and discounts is much easier;

Ultimately, travel websites are there to make our lives easier, so it would be a shame to deprive yourself of them. You now know a little more about the best travel sites, we hope you enjoyed this article!

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Travel sites: our selection of the best!