Tyler Herro, the player who will make the Heat click in 2022-23

If all the Miami players are going to make us want to click this season, we wanted to focus on the one who could get into our hearts and push us to subdue the Heat for the 2022-23 NBA season. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your little dose of Tyler Herro.

13.5 then 15.1 and finally 20.7. Here are the Miami Herro’s point averages in his first three seasons in the NBA. The young Padawan is clearly on the rise, and many of us think that the heights are obviously still far from being reached for him. Which leads us to think, too, that Tyler is the player who could be spamming us with clicks? It’s this aggressiveness, this exterior address, this class and above all these enormous well-cut shorts for the big moments. Freshly voted best replacement in the NBA, the kid born in 2000 is on track to send missiles from the parking lot for a few years at the FTX Arena. We had some doubts about his progress in the sophomore year, he who had not met expectations enough – especially in the 2021 Playoffs – after a top-level rookie season? Already very good in outside shooting since university, Herro finally established himself as one of the best in the League in this exercise and for good reason, he shot at 40% of the parking lot last season and on a high volume s ‘please.

In this team of big bad boys that is the Heat, Herro stands out for his purity in the game and his fluidity, surrounded and well protected by all the OG’s of Miami (Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry, Bam Adebayo or obviously Udonis Haslem) . The little prince of Florida is perfectly integrated into this team and he sticks just as well with the DNA of the Heat put in place by the most charismatic of all leaders: Pat Riley. During this 2022 off-season, the team did not particularly move, see almost not except for the departure of PJ Tucker. On the other hand, a package of tickets have been placed on our young person who has been extended at the price of 130 million over 4 years in the Florida franchise. Even if the NBA salaries today are the responsibility of a player of such a level and such a precocity, it remains a very good mark of confidence that we will have to assume this season – even if the new contract won’t start until 2023 – to reassure everyone in Miami. Knowing that he should remain on the bench at the start of this new exercise, the Boy Wonder could seek a new title of best sixth man in order to establish his credibility and to thank the Heat for the confidence in passing. Even if he is still relatively weak for the moment, we think he has the shoulders to assume and once again carry the Heat to the heights of the Eastern Conference, which looks set to be strong.

Now a young boss in Miami, Tyler Herro must be ready to become the boss of the Heat in a few years when Jimmy Butler will be too old. Prior to that, the Florida franchise extended it at full price and eyes will be on him and his season that is sure to have us clicking like a good Marvel movie. No, not all Herros wear capes, but some wear the Heat outfit.

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Tyler Herro, the player who will make the Heat click in 2022-23