Victor Wembanyama will leave ASVEL: direction Paris for crack?

If in the United States, the NBA is teeming on the eve of the opening of the Free Agency 2022, things are moving quite a bit in France too. We are not talking about an operetta movement, since it is about Victor Wembanyama. Committed to ASVEL, the 18-year-old nugget would like to get closer to his family – and therefore to Paris – before taking the big leap across the Atlantic.

As the good Thomas Ngijol would say, here is a new one that will make its little racket. According to the daily The Team, Victor Wembanyama would have activated the release clause included in his contract with ASVEL. The goal? Simply look for another club to finish his hexagonal ranges before flying to the zitazounis. Wait, this story is weird, isn’t it? Wembanyama is just champion of France, plays the EuroLeague and benefits from an extra premium mentor in the person of Tony Parker. It is not possible that he can leave this comfort zone, it rings false. Hey, take a deep breath and we’re off again. always according to The Team, one of Victor’s main motivations would be to be closer to his family. It makes perfect sense, at 18 Shores, to want to spend some time with loved ones before living an ocean away from them. And such a player who breaks free will inevitably put all the European teams – and American universities – in the action. But Victor’s family lives in Île-de-France and so far rumors have mentioned Paris Basketball. According RMCsport, Vincent Collet’s Metropolitans 92 would also pull the right end of the rope. More news is expected during the day.

Oh the air conditioning for Real Madrid, Fenerbahce and other Gonzaga or North Carolina. You’ll see it on TV ladies and gentlemen, it’s not that bad. Finally if, it is serious for a person all the same. Tony Parker announced two days ago that he wanted “keep at all costs” his rough diamond. That a young Frenchman, potential first pick 2023, zaps the best French player of all time, hello media sauce. If the Metropolitans 92 welcome him, Victor will no doubt benefit from the keys to the team. If it is Paris Basket, Victor will undoubtedly benefit from the keys to the team, a meeting with Niska, 60% of the club’s capital, a jersey retired after only one season and the house of the President. And then, playing in Paris is a remarkable travel advantage for NBA scouts. media exposure, marketing, coughed coughed. As the other would say, “Paris is already the States”. Nobody says that, but in the context, it suited us to make people believe it.

Farewell Lyon, beautiful city of the Rhône with an architecture marked by history. Hello again Paris, your Eiffel Tower and your metro line 9 in Jumanji mode at the exit of the taf. Boarf, given his exhibition, he will enjoy it, no doubt.

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Victor Wembanyama will leave ASVEL: direction Paris for crack?