What will be the travel trends of 2023?

After two years marked by the pandemic, tourism is starting to take on beautiful colors. And the year 2023 promises to be a year of renewal and new habits. the expedia group just unveiled a recent study on their expected travel trends next year. And we can say that travelers are adopting new behaviors. Desires change, the market evolves and tourism stakeholders adapt more and more.

For the first time, Hotels.com, Abritel and Expedia.fr combined their internal data and called on OnePoll, an international polling institute. “Looking at data from Expedia, Hotels.com and Abritel, you get a detailed map of what travel will be like in 2023, and it’s very interesting,” said Jon Gieselman, president of Expedia brands. To find out what your next vacation will look like, here is a selection of the best travel trends of 2023.

When cinema influences travel

Today, tourists choose their holiday destination based on the last series they enjoyed. Shows like The Crown, Emily in Paris, Inventing Anna, The White Lotus or La Chronique de Bridgerton influence travelers even more than social networks. As the study explains, “over the past 12 months, the influence of streaming services like Netflix or Amazon has only increased for 78% of French people”. 61% of them have considered visiting a destination after seeing it in a series and 40% have even gone so far as to book their holidays there.

Among the big film tourism destinations, we obviously find the United States with New York, Los Angeles and Hawaii but also the United Kingdom, Iceland and New Zealand. Between luxury and great adventure, city and countryside, cinema is just beginning to influence travel.

Cultural cities, a new destination for 2023

The urban vacation are slowly coming back to the fore. After a few years neglected in favor of calmer, more peaceful or rejuvenating destinations, the big cities are starting to welcome more and more travelers and visitors. Among them, we find in particular cities renowned for their culture and their effervescence.

Thus, in the ranking of the cities that will be the most visited in 2023, we find Edinburgh, Lisbon, Tokyo, Dublin, New York, Sydney, Dubai, Montreal, Munich and finally Bangkok. A wide mix of countries and different atmospheres! What to discover all the good addresses in Lisbon.

The success of 3-star hotels

3-star hotels are popular. In a desire to save money to explore the world while avoiding giving up comfort, users are increasingly turning to 3-star hotels, which generally result from an excellent value for money. Customers can thus benefit from a quality service and welcome, with pleasant and often very well laid out and decorated facilities, without breaking the bank on the price of the night or breakfast.

“Hotels.com finds an overall increase of 20% in demand for 1 to 3 star hotels”, reveals the study. “40% of French travelers plan to stay in 1 to 3 star hotels and 37% say they are attentive to offers including free additional services (breakfast, access to the spa, high-end toiletries)”, perhaps we also read. Thus, institutions 3 stars will be popular more often than luxury hotels certainly more incredible, but obviously more expensive.

Travel trend: holidays around well-being

Today, travelers think more about themselves and their well-being. And so much the better! 59% of French people plan a stay under the sign of well-being. Destinations like Bali are popular, especially for 25-34 year olds who represent generation Y. And among the activities, the study shows that offbeat occupations are more and more popular. We note the increase in research around sylvotherapy (or forest baths) and fruit harvesting, but also more traditional programs such as “dietetic cooking classes, sports stays and meditation sessions.

In the end, more and more tourism players are adapting to these particular requests and are offering stays for cures or organized around a program of tranquility such as yoga retreatsfor example.

Gourmet holidays in 2023

Cooking is also one of the values ​​at the center of the holidays of 2023. Gluttony is at its peak for french travelers who place more and more importance on the different kitchen features in their vacation rental. They are therefore looking for specific equipment such as an outdoor kitchen with barbecue or griddle, a high-tech coffee machine and a pizza oven.

For 34% of them, “cooking themselves on vacation is indeed a good way to save money”. According to them, they could even save around €400 on their next stay by taking advantage of the kitchen. For some of them, cooking together is a friendly activity that allows them to get together during the holidays.

Amongst others travel trends expected in 2023, the study unveiled by Expedia also shows a real desire among travelers to reconnect with nature by opting for the rental of atypical properties, often lost in the middle of great landscapes and vast open spaces. This search for authenticity would be felt in the increase in searches around large farms or ranches for rent.

Finally, French holidaymakers are increasingly opting for holidays off the beaten track. Less famous and much more unexpected destinations are increasingly appealing to travellers. We thus find cities far from the coasts, and rather located in the interior of the country, at a distance from the big cities. It will also be necessary to count on values ​​that are now very present such as the sustainable tourisminclusiveness and accessibility.

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What will be the travel trends of 2023?