Where to sleep in Rome for less than 150 euros? Our 10 favorite hotels in the Italian capital

Rome is a city easy to walk, a city for strolling, discussing, admiring. While Roman hotels have one of the highest average nightly prices in the world, some excellent addresses manage to keep rates much more affordable.

Condominio Monti, designer boutique hotel

500 m from the Colosseum, in the chic Monti district, with its antique shops, artisan workshops and numerous shops, this hotel with its original, very colorful decoration has 33 rooms and suites, pleasant to live in, if not. is some noise nuisance mainly due to night owl customers.

Breakfast can be taken either on the rooftop or in the hotel bistro set up in a former laundry room. You can also have lunch and dinner there. More than adequate bistronomic menu and mind-blowing cocktails, with (oddly) featured the spritz… Saint-Germain! Very welcoming manager and staff who go out of their way to make every stay enjoyable.

The room to book : the hotel has two buildings, ask for a room in the one with lift, which is nicer, and specify that it does not overlook the courtyard (no view), nor directly under the rooftop (for noise).

The price : from € 105, up to € 203 for the private suite with terrace.

Condominio Monti, Via dei Serpenti 109, 00184 Roma RM, Italy. Phone. : +39 06 488 5889.

Room Mate Filippo, club style

Filippo, the Room Mate in Rome, was decorated by the Spanish designer Tomás Alía. Room Mate / Photo press

It’s hard not to succumb to the concept of Room Mate Hotels, in the heart of cities, designs, very connected and highly user-friendly. And always baptized with a first name, female or male. The one from Rome, one of the latest additions to the collection, is no exception to the rule: Filippo. Decorated by the Spanish designer Tomás Alía, it is stunning. Not a lack of taste, from the lobby lounge to the 130 rooms, including the breakfast room. Let’s start with it, served in large buffets, from 7 am to noon, literally pantagruel and good. Ideal for exploring the city without hitting the bar.
500 m from the Spanish Steps, not far from the Trevi Fountain, the Filippo allows you to discover Roman wonders from top to bottom. Upon returning home, guests can relax in the garden or read and chat in the lounge, or else rush into the fitness room.

The room to book : an Executive, for its size 28 m2, overlooking the garden.

The price : from 115 € per night (less for holders of the Hospitality card), up to 135 € for the Executive.

Room Mate Filippo, Via della Purificazione, 31, 00187 Roma RM, Italy. Phone. : +34 900 818 320.

The Radical Hotel, secret!

The Radical Hotel, a tiny three-star in Piazza della Repubblica. The Radical Hotel / Photo press

Opened recently, this delightful three-star hotel with 11 rooms almost plays on the big leagues with a decor as we like them, contemporary colors and furniture to match the mark and top soundproofing. The host couple who run it hasten to assist their clients, advising them on addresses not listed in the guides. As for gourmets, there is no restaurant but room service is possible and a very pleasant bar. The breakfast (well presented) is more than enticing with some homemade preparations. Located not far from the station, Place de la République, it has one flaw: a puzzle to find it, hidden discreetly on the first floor of an ordinary building. Remember to reserve your parking space at the same time as the room.

The room to book: let’s be crazy, even if its price soars a little over 150 € for the single suite, if we are not against the bathtub in his room.

The price : from € 92 with breakfast for a double, € 195 for the suite.

The Radical Hotel Roma, 7 Via Umbria, Via Veneto, 00187 Rome, Italy. Phone. : +39 06 9893 7366.

Hotel 55 Fifty-Five, brand new

Spanish Steps, the 55 Fifty-Five Hotel. 55 Fifty-Five / Photo press

Opened a few months ago, in the heart of historic Rome, near the Spanish Steps, in a nineteenth-century palace with a perfect ripple finish, it is shaping up to be an Art Collection House (it would be fairer to say arty decoration, Editor’s note) Which is not the same thing. Certainly, a few modern paintings cling to the picture rails, but with no other value and function than to brighten up the rooms. Still, let’s not sulk our pleasure, the 43 spacious, ultra-comfortable and cheerful rooms are well appointed. When you come back from a stroll, treat yourself to a cocktail at the chic bar on the fourth floor contributes to the pleasure of your stay. And, between 5 minutes and two hours of walking we tour the most beautiful Roman sites.

The room to book: the Deluxe Corner, which is spacious, at an angle, reveals through its two large windows two facets of the district: Via del Corso and Via della Vite. What is more, we like its parquet floor and its partitioned ceiling.

The price : from € 60 for a superior room and € 115 for a luxury Corner with a view.

Hotel 55, Fifty Five, 13 Via della Vite, Spanish Steps, 00187 Rome, Italy. Phone. : +39 06 3937 9774.

Albergo del Senato, next to the Pantheon

Very close to the Pantheon, the Albergo del Senato has just been renovated. Albergo del Senato / Photo press

Recently carefully renovated, this three-star with 56 rooms, in the heart of a historic 19th century building, designed by the Italian architect Gaetano Koch, discovers the Pantheon right in front of some of its rooms and its rooftop where a Glass is essential in the setting sun, leaving behind the elegant bar on the ground floor and its humorous bartender. The higher you climb the floors, the more incredible the view. Although some of the rooms are small, they are all very comfortable, with good bedding and impeccable sound insulation. The courtesy products are of excellence, renewed if necessary. The breakfast served in the breakfast room is a bit banal, but the welcome, from the reception to the cleaning staff, is such that this little less counts for little.

The room to book: if one is sensitive to his partner, one of those on the upper floors, his nose in the columns of the Pantheon.

The price : from 140 € up to 178 € with a view.

Hotel Albergo del Senato, Piazza della Rotonda, 73, 00186 Rome, Italy. Phone. : +39 06 6784343.

Hotel Santa Maria, angel sleep

Hotel Santa Maria, an address for loyal customers. Hotel Santa Maria / Photo press

This former 16th century cloister with its patios planted with orange trees offers 18 very pleasant rooms, despite a slightly dated decor. The faithful come and return. Which bodes well. We put our bags there, for its location in the heart of the historic district, in the very popular Trastevere, for its tranquility, its charm, its greenery, the extreme kindness of the staff, especially towards children. Excellent starting point for exploring the Eternal City on foot or by bike provided by the hotel. At the end of the afternoon, guests are invited to share, free of charge, an aperitif on the patio, with spritz of course and delicious Italian appetizers.

The room to book : without hesitation, number 1, with its small private patio, sunny and quiet. Those in the cloister and overlooking the courtyard are darker and sometimes disturbed by the conversations of the hosts.

The price : from 92 € the double and 140 € the family suite (two double beds)

Hotel Santa Maria, Vicolo del Piede, 2, 00153 Roma RM, IUtaly. Phone. : +39 06 589 4626.

Hotel Villa Pinciana, in its gardens

At Hotel Villa Pinciana, the rooms are spacious (rare in Italy) and quiet. Hotel Villa Pinciana / Photo press

In a magnificent building, an example of so-called “Liberty” architecture from the 1900s, this four-star hotel opened eleven years ago overlooks a pretty square. at the back, its large gardens delight guests who can rest there, have their breakfast or a drink. These green and flowery spaces are for them, without restriction, like the rooftop plunging into historic Rome which on sunny days, with its deckchairs, turns into a solarium.

The furniture in mahogany or walnut, pompously styled, weighs down the 25 spacious and very quiet rooms, but the Anglo-Saxons love it. It’s all about taste! From the hotel, you can walk to many sites including Villa Borghese. Free parking is available to guests.

The room to book: one of those with terrace overlooking the gardens.

The price : from € 99 with breakfast, not terrible, up to € 140 for a quadruple.

Hotel Villa Pinciana, Via Abruzzi, 9/11, 00187 Roma RM, Italy. Phone. : +39 06 4201 6747.

Hotel Centro Cavour, laze with bubbles

Very well located, the Centro Cavour Hotel is close to the Colosseum and the Forum. Hotel Centro Cavour / Photo press

Located in a beautiful 19th century building near the Colosseum and the Forum, very well maintained, it is the address that we exchange almost under wraps, between friends. Its 17 rooms, small but comfortable, are very popular. We like the bottle of prosecco, slipped in the fridge, as a welcome and the very good free coffee at any time. However, if breakfast is included in the price of the room, it is served in a café, 2 mm away on foot, in a charming square with a fountain. Some hate it, but for those who like to interact with the locals, it is a plus. Staff very attentive and available.

The room to book: the soundproofing leaving something to be desired, it is better to ask for a room facing the back garden. Otherwise, they all look the same, just a matter of size and number of beds.

The price, from € 77 for a double to € 110 for a family room with 2 double beds.

Centro Cavour Roma Hotel, Via Cavour, 237, 00184 Rome, Italy. Phone. : +39 06 69319 148.

Nazionale 51, the good surprise

Le Nazionale 51, a small three-star hotel with 8 rooms. Nazionale 51 / Press photo

A somewhat dilapidated Victorian building, an old elevator from the same period but which works to lead to the reception on the fourth floor, first impressions that raise doubts about the choice of this small three-star with 8 rooms. But, once the door of his room pushed, we are reassured. Large, with sober lines, with black and white photos of Roman statues and sites on the walls, well equipped, modern bathroom, in marble and not a noise! And then, again, lovely staff who sketch out a few words in French and speak English fluently. Perfect pied-à-terre for setting off on foot or by bus to attack the symbolic places of Rome: the Trevi Fountain, the Forum, Villa Borghese, etc.

The room to book: the suite on the 5th floor for its green brick-red terrace.

The price : from € 60 for a standard room, € 95 for the pretty suite with terrace.

Nazionale 51 Hotel, Via Nazionale, 51, 00184 Roma RM, Italy. Phone. : +39 06 487 3429.

Hotel Giolli Nazionale, like at home

The Giolli Nazionale hotel has just been renovated. Hotel Giolli Nazionale / Photo press

This 69-room establishment is part of the “family owned hotel” group, which undoubtedly gives rise to its atmosphere. friendly and the multiplication of optional services. We come with our dog and hop we choose the dog set (20 €) with essential accessories for the happiness of his doggie. We like, even if all the centers of interest are within walking distance, to have a limousine, a daily package is proposed, from 30 €. The recent renovation has magnified the 19th century olive wood floors and Carrara marble in the large bathrooms.

The room to book : the Vibe suite on the top floor, very chic, spacious with its long balcony.

The price : superior room from € 69, Vibe Suite from € 115. Who says better ?

Hotel Giolli Nazionale, Via Nazionale, 69, 00184 Roma RM, Italy. Phone. : +39 06 488 2393.

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Where to sleep in Rome for less than 150 euros? Our 10 favorite hotels in the Italian capital